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Boost Your Productivity Through CloudApp

Submitted by: Pascal Guyon

Learn how Pascal uses CloudApp to boost productivity and communicate with his team or audience.

CloudApp is is a perfect tool for me to communicate ideas with my teams or with my audience in a super-efficient way.

- Pacal Guyon

About our power user, Pascal Guyon

Storytelling is an art. The ability to create an emotion through music, design, and telling a story is something that all content creators strive for, but not all accomplish. In an age where visual communications, and video are becoming ever more crucial to creating a story and experience for someone we have an expert to take us through how they have been able to accomplish this.

Pascal Guyon is a Multi-Platinum Music Producer, 3 Grammy nominations contributor, Developer, and HyperloopTT contributor.‍

What are the key components to a good story? ‍

I think the art of storytelling is putting everything in place so that the listener/viewer is completely immersed in another world. Ideally that world feels so real and this adventure so stimulating that it should be able to transform the experiencer’s mind and lead him to take action! Maximizing the sensory experience sounds like a good idea!

Provoking an emotion is a key to a good marketing campaign, how does video and audio fit into that?‍

The interesting thing is that it is still quite unknown why sound affects us in a way or another. I actually have some friends working on creating music to maximize focus. They do have studies to back their work! Music composers definitely figured ‘recipes’ out to trigger specific emotions in people. Video and audio act as a magnifier of a story. They’re actually absolutely necessary to maximize the impact of a story.‍

How does using a video messaging tool like CloudApp help you to be more productive and create an experience?‍

As a creator, it is of prime importance to not interrupt the creation process when inspiration kicks in. Therefore I make sure to use the most effective tools to translate my ideas into reality. This is when CloudApp comes in. It is a perfect tool for me to communicate ideas with my teams or with my audience in a super-efficient way.‍

Social media changed my life, I built my music career out of it and have kept building a community online over the years. We know how popular gifs are. Therefore I often use CloudApp to create gifs and share them with the world! It’s an ideal process to share eye-catching content. The gif tweet of my educational video game actually got over 500,000 views! It only took me 3 seconds and a few clicks to do it!

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