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How to request a Google Analytics report with CloudApp

Submitted by: Joe Martin

This is how you make a Google Analytics request using video instead of email.

“Using CloudApp during my time at Adobe and now at the company has been a lifesaver for requesting Google Analytics reports.”

You could email or slack a long message to your analyst about a question you have about something in Google Analytics OR you can send a quick CloudApp drop instead. Here is how to use CloudApp to create a quick video to ask about a question you have in Google Analytics.


Hi! My name is Joe Martin and I am the VP of Marketing here at CloudApp. I am also a former power user during my time at Adobe. I loved the product so much that I decided to join the team.

I am a data guy at heart. I love to pull information from Google Analytics, look at trends, and create insights to move the business. I grew up as a data analyst, so its in my DNA. However, in a leadership role, I don’t have nearly as much time as I did before to spend on looking deeper at the data. 

How CloudApp helped me become a better remote manager

When I was with Adobe I was managing a remote team that didn’t work the same hours as me. I used CloudApp to be more efficient as a remote manager. I take a screenshot, GIF, or video of the data and send it to the remote analyst I have a question for. The visual communication provided an excellent way to remove the need for long back and forth email strings and the need for early or late phone calls. 

At CloudApp, I have been able to quickly send a screenshot, GIF, or video to an analyst on my team to take a look at some information for me. This helps us to ensure we provide a good customer experience on our website, optimize customer journeys, and operate with clean data. 

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