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Organize your creations and save time in finding and sharing them
CloudApp | Collections

Supported Workflows

Save Time

Organize your creations and save time in finding and sharing them

Team Collaboration

Create collection folders shared across the team for quicker collaboration
Annotate | Enhance Images

No Upload Required

After you create a video, screenshot, or GIF just save to a collection and share the link

What are the benefits of collections?

In today’s fast-moving world, work should be seamless. It should be fast. But most of what we do every day is slowed down by ineffective meetings, confusing communication, and complex technology.

CloudApp is the bridge between a confusing world of text and a future of clairvoyance. Our mission is to revolutionize the modern workplace with visual communication.

That’s why CloudApp is bringing collections right to your desktop — to make all of your personal and team content collaborative and accessible right from your fingertips for quick access.

‍Welcome, Collections

CloudApp Collections bring your content and workflow together. With Collections, you can access everything you need to work faster and instantly share the right content.

‍Collections allow you to organize your most important content, to keep it accessible from your menu bar or taskbar, and to instantly share with a colleague or customer.

‍It’s available today for both Mac and Windows formats and can be downloaded here.

‍Collections have many great use cases:

‍Customer Support: Provide the perfect visual answer to the most commonly asked questions. Rather than recreating the solution to a problem, support can just send a previously created video, screenshot, or GIF that has been shared with the team.

‍Marketing: collaboration between marketers, designers, and those that they support is key to any business success. With CloudApp collections you will be able to see and share work cross – org for marketing and design campaigns with videos, GIFs, and screenshots. Skip the long email or marked up PDF share a video in a collection instead. Any time you’re trying to track down design assets, your latest logo update, or a new design, just find it your Design collection

‍Sales: The average B2B business cycle can take months to complete. That leaves lots of time for reps to keep in touch with customers along the way. With sales collections, you can house best in class pre-recorded videos from the sales rep associated with the deal to be sent out along the way through automation or ad hoc. Can also be great for training

‍Engineering: Instantly accessible videos for how to debug a problem, perform a server reset, or what’s the best way to solve a complex engineering task – it can all be captured, saved, and shared. Quickly review bugs and code reports stored in a CloudApp collection.

Onboarding/HR: Save videos or images of how new employees can get acquainted with your company intranet, team tools, or anything else that can help bring them up to speed quicker.