Why Screen Capture Software Is Where It’s At

Digitally speaking, any image or video captured from your screen is a potential opportunity to convey a complex message or an idea. That’s when a screen capture software featuring multiple video and recording tools comes in handy.

How To Make A Self-Service Knowledge Base for Customer Success

When faced with an issue, we all want instant, or very timely, solutions. Whether in life or in business, customers expect a quick resolution. Building a self-service knowledge base for customers can drastically reduce customer support ticket volume and customer wait times, ultimately creating happier customers.

What Are The Biggest CX Trends in 2022?

Businesses are frequently competing with their customers’ most recent customer experience. That means each and every business needs to take a hard look at digital-first strategy.

5 Essential Customer Success Strategies

Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? Industry-leading customer service teams are prioritizing agility, transparency, flexibility, and a “beyond the support ticket” mentality. Don’t be afraid to emulate these customer success strategies!