Improving Employee Communication

Improving Employee Communication

Employee communication is an essential component for any business. When it comes to improving employee communication, it is important to understand the various methods of communication available and what style and channel is preferred by your team.

Video Communication In The Workplace Guide

In this article, we discuss video communication in the workplace, the reasons why you should use it, how to use it, the best practices for effective video communication and the tools you need to get started.

How To Take A Screenshot On An iPhone 5

Would you like to know how to take a screenshot on an iPhone 5? This guide will give you step-by-step guides for capturing screenshots with any of the iPhone 5 series smartphones.

Communication With Clients: 6 Ways To Win

Communicating clearly is very important moreso in a workplace. This guide will show you 6 ways you can communicate with clients effectively to get your point across, avoid miscommunications and get work done.

How to use the Internet

Welcome to How To Use The Internet from CloudApp. A series of quick tutorial videos on commonly asked questions walking through a variety of topics with tutorial videos created using CloudApp’s Screen Recorder. Remove Liked Spotify Songs Prank Your Coworkers How to Add Songs to a Shared Playlist on Spotify How to Stop Seeing Horror […]