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Case Study Gainsight

Gainsight saves $10k+ a year while providing a better Customer Experience

CloudApp eliminated the need for the rep to type down mile long responses and the personalization is what sets us apart.
Steve Davis
Customer Support Manager


Gainsight is the leading Customer Success Management platform. Their platform is technical and requires detailed customer instructions. Their team of 30+ Customer Support Reps are working really hard to improve time to resolution and avoid unnecessary back-and-forth.


The Customer Support team is using annotated screenshots and videos to answer customer questions. “With CloudApp, we were able to take 2 to 3 typed out interactions and combine them into 1 GIF or video. This has eliminated the need for the rep to type out these mile long responses.” says Steve Davis, Customer Support Manager.

They use videos to customize their answer and give it a personal touch.


With videos, instructions are better understood by customers. Reps can answer complex questions and avoid receiving follow up emails. Customer Support Reps work faster and on a personal level with the customer.

Steve Davis estimates that his team saves $10k+ per year by working faster with CloudApp.

Estimates of time savings were determined by the Gainsight team.

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