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Case Study Drift

The Drift Customer Success team saves 56 hours every week with CloudApp

"CloudApp helps me show my work with my team and our customers quickly and effectively. I love how easy it is to make sure we’re producing the highest quality work and can draw attention to the things that matter."
Sara Pion
Customer Advocate & Marketing


Drift is the leading conversational marketing platform. Since 2014, they have experienced hyper growth. To be able to scale and adapt quickly, they use the latest productivity and automation tools. For the Customer Success team, it means using video to communicate faster.


Sara Pion, former Customer Advocate and now Marketing, enhances the Drift knowledge base with videos and annotated screenshots. She embeds them directly in HelpDocs or on WordPress when it’s a blog post. She can also answer any customer question directly in the Drift chat with a CloudApp link. For internal communication, she is addicted to CMD+Shift+A: she takes a screenshot, annotates it and pastes it directly into Slack. She also uses other CloudApp shortcuts to create visuals in only a few clicks.d


It is faster to explain with a video than having to type everything down. A video is also more digestible for the reader. It catches their attention and gives clear information.

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