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CloudApp and Cascade SF are working together to educate designers and empower design leaders.
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Take your productivity to the next level with CloudApp – for FREE!

Record your screen to a GIF or video, capture and annotate, share files fast, and so much more

Improve Designer and Developer Collaboration

You are working with a developer to launch a site redesign. The typeface is not displaying properly and the icons should be rounded, not square. Have no fear, CloudApp is here!

Take a screenshot, annotate the changes, and send an automatically created link to the developer.
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Export Directly from Sketch to CloudApp

Download our plugin to export directly from Sketch to CloudApp. A link is automatically copied to your clipboard to share easily with your team.
Download Sketch Plugin

Screen Captures Stored and Organized in the Cloud

Say goodbye to a messy desktop forever. Videos and images are copied to your clipboard and automatically stored in a searchable folder to help you stay organized.

Find your content fast with the Visual Search feature. You can search by color, size, and even text inside your screenshot.
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Collect Visual Inspiration

Capture and organize reference images to the cloud. Access your library of images from your desktop and drag them directly into CloudApp. You’ll soon have a repository of inspiration to quickly build decks and moodboards.