WordPress hacks by LeadIQ's VP of Growth

Emilie Johnston

‍Ryan O’Hara, VP of Growth at LeadIQ, doubled the amount of marketing activities he could do per week. Result: LeadIQ achieved a 10x growth in revenue this year.

His secret?

Optimizing every Marketing task and getting the most of his current tools. Here is how he pimped his WordPress processes to achieve super-human productivity.

1 - Create blog posts from content that is already out there

Ryan likes to write blog posts about email campaigns he tried and what his findings were. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have time nor the resources to create fancy visuals to give his readers examples.

His solution?

He simply adds a screenshot of his prospecting emails. He uses CloudApp annotations to blur the private content of these emails and turns it into publicly consumable content in seconds.

2 - Get more insights into the content you share

Ryan creates screenshots, GIFs and video in CloudApp. Instead of having to upload everything in Wordpress, he just pastes CloudApp links and his content is embedded automatically.

‘This way I can get the analytics that CloudApp offers on how many people are viewing my blogpost until the end. On WordPress I can never know that. This way I can understand clients and prospects interest better‘ adds Ryan.

3 - Keep your laptop clean and organized

Rather than downloading an image/video and reuploading it again to the WordPress server, CloudApp saves you time by just pasting a link into your post.

‘I don't have to take three steps to upload content and this way I am not clogging my Mac with unnecessary files. Uploading files into WordPress can be a tedious process. Using CloudApp, I am able to save 5 to 10 minutes per blog post. Also, I could take a screenshot using my Mac but it would take a lot of space on my Desktop and my team wouldn’t have access to it. That’s why I’d rather use CloudApp’ says Ryan.

Learn more about how you can use CloudApp in WordPress and how to install CloudApp's plugin in WordPress.

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