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Why I Left Adobe for CloudApp

7 years ago I first stepped into my role at Adobe. I was a few years removed from grad school and coming off leading a few digital marketing teams at a startup. During my first four years, I worked on the Adobe Digital Insights team. I analyzed everything from retail revenue to predict Black Friday spending by consumers to using social buzz to predict if a movie would be profitable or not. 300+ reports and 20,000 + press articles later, I moved onto a strategic role using consumer data to lead decisions in social, marketing, and strategy for the company as well as doing a lot of evangelism through my social channels.

Enter CloudApp, a fresh and nimble growth startup focused on improving customer experience and productivity through its top rated workflow tools. The company had a great narrative, product, and had recently announced an integration with XD and an investment from Adobe’s fund design. They had grown to 3 million+ users 95% organically and were looking to expand marketing efforts and to open a Utah office.

My initial consulting calls with the company turned to an interview on both sides. I connected instantly with the CEO Scott Smith and CTO Jason Toy, and we started to put together a narrative and strategy to become a much larger company and market mover in a growing video messaging and customer experience space.

It was incredibly difficult to leave Adobe. It became so much more than a brand, it became a piece of my heart and that of my families. I grew up as a marketer there and soaked up everything I could from a leader in digital marketing. I grew my skillset, improved myself with executive education from Wharton and Stanford, My oldest son even cried when I told him I was leaving Adobe. “Does CloudApp have a cafe we can come eat at?” he said.

I am so grateful and excited to build something special with a company that already has strong roots and a raving fan base. I hope we can bring our community families together and start something that leads to increased productivity and customer experience for every business that CloudApp touches with its G2Crowd labeled “Best software company of 2018” culture and video messaging products. It may not have a cafe (yet), but the opportunity and product itself were just too good to pass up.

As a token of my excitement, I want to offer all of you a 70% off discount for a Pro membership of CloudApp.

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