What's the difference between HD video and GIF?

The CloudApp Team

Why should you use a GIF instead of an HD video (made with a screen recorder)? or vice versa?

GIFs (cmd + shift + 6):

- Simple how-to questions for your customers (password reset instructions, changing preferences, etc.)

- Feature explanations for your users - wow them with visuals!

- Best for quick “this is what I’m seeing on my end”

Best practices:

- Best for short clips (15-20 seconds max)

- Always embed so it starts playing automatically

Where to use: Inject via one of our integrations (Trello, Zendesk, Jira) or drag and drop into email

HD Videos (cmd + shift + 6): 

- Use when recording 30 seconds or longer

- Great for longer answers to more complicated questions, or step-by-step instructions

- Capture bugs (helpful so you can see when a problem starts/stops, vs infinitely looping)

- Create training videos for teammates or customers

Best practices:

- Always record audio for more context and personalization

- HD video allows the viewer to play and pause whenever they want whereas a GIF, you have to wait for it to loop to re-watch something

Where: Anywhere! But, they’re not embeddable by nature so always include the link

You wanted a GIF and changed your mind? Click on HD before you start and decide if you want to also record your voice or mute it.

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