Video is the future of social media

Mackenzie Beaver

The goal of social media and all of its applications is to allow people to have a connection with friends and family,and people from all over the world. Social media allows people to gain relationships with people, even if they have never met before. Social media allows its users to know so much about other people without physically having to talk to them.

The issue with Social Media, in general, is that sometimes itlacks the interpersonal communication. Posting a picture and getting likes and comments can almost seem interpersonal. But, the new popularity and growth invideo production can fix that.

Video connects content to people

Video is a future of social media because it does the one thing that no other social media can do and it somehow connect other people in a different way and can connect individuals in a way that a photo or a blogcannot do.

It’s almost like a movie or TV show. When you talk to individuals about their favorite movies or TV show, these individuals always talk about how they feel connected to the characters or just can kind of relateto them. The way these individuals can connect to characters on TV is because of video. Video forms a way that allows the audience to feel connected to people, which is just something a picture cannot do.

Videos and social media have the power to do that because itdoes something that an Instagram post or a blog can’t do and it allows itsusers to create a video that makes the viewers feel something. When you watch avideo you feel something and you can relate more than words can describe.

Video connects people to people

Videos are also the future of social mediabecause of the many different aspects of it. With a video you can do FaceTimecalls or video chats and get to know people through the phone face-to-face.This does a lot more than just a blog post or an email.

Video connects apps to people

Video is also the future of social media with applications,such as CloudApp. CloudApp is a workflow automation tool that provides screen recording, GIF creation, and snipping tools to enable people to use video messaging for fast messages and thoughtful social responses. CloudApp is a learning tool and screen saver that can show people a video on how to do things rather than having to have someone sit down with you and show you the work. The development of tools and apps like CloudApp can save companies labor and can make life simpler. Doing this allows companies to have an app to show people how to do work rather than wasting labor costs to have individuals shown how to do certain things.

Video is the future of social media. It connects individuals,allows people to showcase their work, and can make work life even easier. Video does something that a blog post or picture cannot do.

Commercials and advertisements win competitions and awards because their advertisements make people feel something. When companies use video as a tool to teach and to market their product, it connects people and intrigues people more than just words and a photo. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions.

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