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Why we added video briefs to our blog posts

You may see a new piece of content added to each of our blogposts.

Screenshot of tips slide explaining tips to improve customer complaint responses
Video can be a great way to engage an audience who may not have time to read your post

We are excited to bring this under 90 second brief of each post as a way to give you the highlights for you to engage with on your drive into work, on the train, in between meetings, in between CloudApp drops, etc…etc.. We live in a world that is video and visual driven and we at CloudApp are on the cutting edge of this growth with our video collaboration tools and ability to connect remote and cross functional teams quickly with screenshots, screen recordings, and GIFs (pronounced with a hard G of course).

We love to provide unique ways to use video to show how much we believe in the integration of visual communication and also to give you OUR COMMUNITY more use case ideas for your own business.

You can also find these videos archived on our YouTube channel under the playlist CloudApp Blog Summaries .

Thanks for being a part of our community!

Joe Martin

VP of Marketing

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