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The hallmark of any successful business is a workforce that's completely engaged and productive throughout the day. Achieving that goal isn't always easy with the sheer number of distractions that the modern worker has to deal with: social media, email, instant messages, online communities, etc.

Even work-related tasks can be a drain on employee productivity if they are mismanaged or overly time-intensive.

Time spent writing detailed, step-by-step troubleshooting instructions in an email, for instance, may be part of someone's job description, but that doesn't mean it's the best use of their time.

Business leaders and department heads should always look for opportunities to increase operational efficiency, decrease the amount of monotonous work employees have to complete on a regular basis and find quicker alternatives to everyday tasks.

One of the easiest ways to boost employee productivity is to employ video capture software to facilitate collaboration between staff members, project stakeholders and business units, while eliminating many of the time-consuming communication methods that are traditionally used. Recording one's screen with video capture tools empowers your employees to use their time more effectively.

Wasted employee productivity: By the numbers

Taken in isolation, menial or time-intensive tasks may not seem like that much of a drain on employee productivity and workplace efficiency - what's an extra 15 minutes here or there? When added all up, however, such wasteful business processes present a significant threat to any organization.

A 2017 Maui Mastermind survey revealed that business owners and executives spend 21.8 hours a week handling jobs that offer little to no value to their companies. Some of that lost productivity was due to poor delegation practices and leisure activities like reading blogs and perusing social media sites, but a significant chunk of time was spent on writing emails - 3.4 hours a week, to be exact.

In addition, survey participants reported spending at least an hour each week in unproductive meetings and conference calls.

While some degree of email correspondence and internal communication is necessary to tackle complex projects, collaborate with other departments and assist co-workers with technical issues, it shouldn't dominate your employees' schedules. Relying too much on time-consuming tools and platforms will cost your business in the long run.

Using video capture software could be a lifesaver if you or your employees are spending too much time drafting email responses to questions that could be answered more easily with a hands-on demonstration or struggling to describe the changes that are needed in an ongoing project.

How video capture software drives employee productivity

A common (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) refrain regarding IT and tech support is that the vast majority of that work could be covered by simply having the user turn off and on their machine. There's some truth to that sentiment: Many knowledge workers spend far too much time handling tasks that the user could easily resolve themselves with a bit of guidance and go-to training materials.

Take a seemingly simple IT request like recovering a lost password or account credentials. Tech support teams can easily get bogged down helping individual employees get back into their locked accounts and set new login information. A simpler solution would be for a help desk representative to go through the process once while recording the screen and then upload that video to a shared server where it can be easily accessed by anyone.

Rather than talk a co-worker through this process over the phone or write out a lengthy email with each step described in detail, help desk and tech support teams can show precisely how to go about creating an account, recovering a forgotten password or setting a new one if there's reason to think the old credentials have been compromised. There's no room for misinterpretation because the user can see each step play out in the recording.

Not only does video capture software cut down on emails and phone calls, but it also completely eliminates wasted productivity due to follow-up conversations and correspondences because the end user misunderstood the initial directions and needs something clarified.

Work faster, not harder

Recovering lost passwords is a fairly routine occurrence, but video screen capture software can help your staff members reduce the amount of time they spend on one-off tasks and requests.

For instance, an employee struggling to install and integrate a third-party application with existing business software could be an isolated incident - or an issue that's only relevant to a particular department. Again, tech support workers can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to assist other employees with such requests by making a quick video or GIF that describes how to resolve individual problems.

The video capture and editing tools included with CloudApp make it easy for anyone to quickly create a GIF that succinctly explains what icons to click on, what fields to enter and what additional steps need to be taken in order to integrate a third-party app with an organization's proprietary software. With a simple click of the mouse, help desk employees can record their own screen and then share that video or recording via the cloud, instant message or email for quick and easy communication.

Video capture tools aren't limited to internal correspondences either. Your customer service and support teams can leverage screen recording software in a similar fashion to answer customer questions and walk end users through software and product issues, coming to a quicker resolution and closing help desk and customer support tickets faster than ever.

By doing so, your business is able to provide a more pleasant customer experience that bolsters engagement, drives customer satisfaction metrics and reduces churn figures - all vital performance benchmarks for any successful organization.

Time is money, and any increase you can get in employee productivity makes your business that much more efficient and financially prudent. Stop letting your staff members get bogged down in arduous internal communications and unproductive meetings. Video capture software like CloudApp empowers your employees to show rather than tell, making communication in the digital age more seamless than ever before.

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