The Ultimate Guide to Getting A Year of CloudApp Premium Free

Tyler Koblasa

No strings attached free gifts are usually reserved for T-shirts from credit card companies, cheese samples at Costco and those pens we get (steal?) from our dentist.

But free can actually be awesome. Like how we’re now letting you get Premium CloudApp for an entire year for free.

All the bells. All the whistles. You just have to do us a little favor.

Tell your friends. Yep that’s it.  Be the Good Samaritan of improved workflow and 300% faster productivity for all of mankind - and you’ll get an entire year of Premium CloudApp which includes unlimited screen sharing, unlimited GIF creation, advanced security, and share page customization absolutely free.

Ready for you mission? Careful, these instructions may (or may not) self-destruct.

  1. Tell a friend about all the ways CloudApp rocks your workplace world and invite them to sign up. You can invite them here.
  1. Once your friend signs up, and create 1 drop you get a full month of premium completely free.
  2. Take your friend out for a drink and toast to bygone days of rework and miscommunication. May they RIP.
  3. Rinse and repeat. Invite 11 more friends and/or coworkers.
  4. Boom! You’ve got an entire year of CloudApp Premium on us. Plus, your social calendar will be poppin’.

Be a pal, get your perks in place and get ready for your most productive year yet with CloudApp Premium. You can head over to your refer a friend page here:

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