The Three D’s of Using CloudApp

Emilie Johnston

Dragging and dropping with CloudApp is always smooth sailing - but what if I told you we could make it even smoother? Time to take a few notes!

I’ve found that by applying a few simple “inbox zero” practices, uploading is nothing short of a breeze - if not shorter! It organizes my projects better, makes sure that priorities get done and what can be saved for later or delegated get into the right hands. When it comes to productivity, CloudApp can help organize not just how you work within projects - but your overall systems for getting stuff done!

Since everyone should get the chance to take advantage of these shortcuts (and an easier workflow!) below you’ll find my cheat sheet (The Three Ds) of every upload explained and curated for the easiest application you can imagine.


Delegate: The most essential D in the arsenal.

Delegating tasks appropriately is what makes or breaks good project management. One of the reasons people struggle with delegation is often because it takes them more time to explain what they want done instead of just doing it themselves. While that may save time in the moment, in the long run it slows down the workflow and grinds progress to a halt.

When delegating, I use CloudApp to create a GIF, video, snippet etc., which I can then immediately share with others. This makes it easy to not just share projects, but visually explain what needs to get done without any confusion.

Remember, it’s easy to quickly create and then disperse content to anyone you want using the app. However, because of the ease, you also want to take time to make sure you select the right person—even if that requires a layer of privacy.


Defer: The most common action.

You are likely wondering what I mean by “defer”. Like the name suggests, to defer means that you don't do anything with the item in that moment. You simply drop it in the Cloud and go back to whatever you were working on before. It would be especially useful when working on multiple tasks at one time. Sometimes, I plan to use an item later and add the .cly link to a reminder or calendar event.

The most important part of deferring effectively is ensuring you can get back to it at the right time.

Be specific.


If you think you're going to be later looking a long time for that file, make sure to name it right away with a title that’ll  help you find it easily when you go searching (trust me on this one!)

Easy ways to do this is by theme, content, or project. It's a little thing, but remembering to rename files will help in the long run. It's as easy as `CTRL+OPTION+C` then `CMD+R` and typing in whatever you plan to name it. Once you’ve done this, not only can you search for it, but it will be that much easier to recognize at a glance. With CloudApp’s Visual Search feature you don’t  have to remember the name of the file just to find it. Simply search by any text, color, or image that was actually in the file and CloudApp will locate it for you.

Delete: Self-Explanatory.

Before you delete, you might want to archive or backup your files - just sayin! Deleting content is essential for maintaining your storage. Just consider it housekeeping for your CloudApp.


Okay, so this is all pretty easy, right? Feeling ready to try it on your own? You’re on your way to using visual communication conveniently. It's incredible how many people respond to a visual image, and understand the meaning behind it, so much better than a just text alone. This means less email, less meetings, less do-overs and a better final product.

By using CloudApp, you’ll be able to optimize everyone’s time with engaging gifs or images, annotate a screenshot, send it off to where it needs to go, and move on with your day. Not only are gifs great for recording steps or a process, but annotated screenshots are great for quickly pointing out nuanced details. Again, saving time on those dreaded emails, meetings and calls!

Simply by memorizing the Three Ds and how every single task falls under one of those “Ds’ you can start experiencing a better, more productive workflow starting now.

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