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Talking with Scott Morris, VP at Zendesk

Zendesk is the defacto leader in customer support software and is making moves in Salesforce product support as well. As the VP of Integrated Marketing, Scott Morris leads a team focused on bringing these leading products to the masses. On this episode of The DNA of An Experience, Scott Morries, VP of Integrated Marketing at Zendesk and Joe Martin VP of Marketing at CloudApp talk through how to create an experience for a customer along every stage of the journey. What we talked about
  • What is the DNA of a good customer experience and how does marketing fit into that?
  •  Zendesk is a leader in customer support software, how does it help improve that stage of the journey?
  • How can asynch video from a tool like CloudApp and real time video from a tool like Zoom help with improving customer connection and loyalty?
  • What are some tips you have learned as a leader during this moment with your team and customers?
  • What does the future of marketing look like to you?

To listen to the audio of the podcast go here 

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