How to Participate in SUPCONF's CloudApp GIF Battle

CloudApp is proud to host the GIF Battle at SUPCONF in New York City, November 15-16. The GIF battle is a tournament between support experts showcasing the best GIF responses for a given question. Contestants will sign into their CloudApp account each round of play and respond to a question by dropping their best GIF response into a google doc.

Here are the three things you need to know, and do, in order to participate:

1. Install CloudApp on your desktop
Click here to install a free version of CloudApp on your Mac or PC. If you have any problems, email the CloudApp support team.

** If you already have a CloudApp account, we recommend creating a new account for this competition.

2. Upload your GIFs
Simply drag any GIF directly to the cloud icon in your toolbar. You can drag from browser (e.g. see Giphy example below) or anywhere on your desktop.

You can also upload files from your computer using the ⬆ icon on the CloudApp menu bar OR capture your own GIF using CloudApp (‘CMD + Shift + 6’ for Mac, ‘Control + Shift + 6’ for PC). Pro tip: for anyone capturing their GIF using CloudApp, make sure to adjust your GIF recording frame rate in preferences to 12 FPS.

** GIF Battle participants can have 25 GIFs max prior to starting the competition.

3. How to drop a GIF response
Similar to dropping into a Zendesk or HelpScout ticket you’ll respond to a question during the battle by dragging the GIF from the CloudApp drop down menu into the document. ← it’s that simple! 🙉

Best of luck to the competitors! 🏆🏆🏆

Feel free to use the comment section below to drop us a question or reach out to our support team.

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