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Sketch Introduces Plugin for CloudApp

You just completed your Sketch design with the cherry-on-top design technique! But wait, not so fast. Before breathing a sigh of relief, you realize that the time-consuming task of sharing that design still awaits you….

Until now. Look no further, the CloudApp plugin is here! CloudApp for Sketch is the fastest way to share your design with others. Whether for work or pleasure, the fusion of Sketch and CloudApp means fluid sharing for all your designs. Once your design is finished, CloudApp supplies you with ready-to-share links to your work for teammates, coworkers or clients. Slick!

Specific way the Sketch & CloudApp Dream Team are improving design include:

Speeding up the Design Process

From keyboard shortcuts to design hacks, designers love finding ways to simplify the intricate process they know so well.

The CloudApp Plugin makes your design process more efficient than you’ve already made it!

Design is a complex art. Simplify the process with CloudApp to make it more fluid, simple, and beautiful. (The ‘beautiful’ is up to you– the plugin can only do so much ;))Create your designs within Sketch. Once the design is ready for some good old-fashioned teamwork, simply export your design, link, and share!

Annotate screenshots of your design for added clarity

Design was meant to be visual! Directing another designer through endless body text kind of seems like an oxymoron. Instead, annotate screenshots of your design or snippet to indicate important areas, point out trouble spots, and denote emphasis.

Record Your Screen to demo any design technique

Whether removing a subject from its background or adding a clipping mask, there are a million and one techniques that make up a final design. With CloudApp, create succinct GIFs that illustrate your exact process. GIFs can be usedto illustrate even the most technical design demo. Great design should be shared with others, so help a fellow designer learn from and/or recreate the genius that happens to be your Sketch-made design.

CloudApp’s screen recorder for Windows

Hassle-Free Collaboration

Instructing someone about your design through multiple bodies of text is too much irony for one designer to handle. Never leave your designers hanging again. Rather, explain yourdesign to visual aficionados in a language they understand!CloudApp for Sketch is the answer to design comprehension. Share quick design and get immediate feedback from teammates, clients, or anyone. Feedback, collaboration, and iterationare intrinsic to the design process. CloudApp for Sketch respects that. Word.

Link, Lock, & Load It.

Shareable links are the keys to others to unlocking your creations.When you’re ready to share your design with others, just export it from Sketch into CloudApp. Head to the Plugin tab at the top of your screen, click “Upload to CloudApp,” and a link to your design is instantly copied to your clipboard! Just like that, your design is ready to be inserted, embedded, or pasted into any location. Alternatively, designs can be exported from Sketch on MacOS via the share tab in the bottom righthand corner of the screen. Just hit share, and then select “CloudApp” from the list of applications.

Getting Started

Download the latest release of Sketch. In this case, you’ll want to select source code (zip).

Once in sketch, you’ll need to install CloudApp as a plugin.

Use the shortcut ctrl + alt + R to automatically upload your file to CloudApp!

Upload your active document using the share sheet extension, instantly get a shareable link!

Export your file from sketch

Select CloudApp from the selection menu for plug-ins

The link to your file is copied to your clipboard

Easily paste the link wherever! No Need to upload files to a server!

Whatever you’ve been crafting up in Sketch as of late, make sure it doesn’t stay there. Start sharing with the CloudApp plugin now!