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Joe Martin

We love our CloudApp community and showcasing ways that they are using our product to improve their day to day work. Joel Runyon has been a advocate for CloudApp all year long, many times pro actively suggesting people use CloudApp on social channels.

Joel is the founder of IMPOSSIBLE- a performance lifestyle company focused on helping people push their limits and do something impossible. An endurance athlete, in 2017 he became the youngest person to run an ultra marathon on every continent. He is also the creator of the paleo & keto resources + as well as the movement and mobility coaching app -

As a Pro user, Joel has access to all of the power of CloudApp for individuals including unlimited storage, HD quality video, enhanced editing, customized sharing, and full access to our integrations. Here are some ways that Joel is utilizing CloudApp and suggestions he has for our community.

How did you first find CloudApp?

I think I first found out about CloudApp from an AppSumo deal. It was a pretty good deal if I remember correctly - so we thought we’d give it a shot

What versions of the tool are you using (Chrome, Mac, Win, Everything)?

I use the mac plugin.

What was your first drop you created?

It was an internal team tutorial for our and busines

How are you using CloudApp each day?

I use it a ton for short-quick 1-2 minute tutorials that take way too long to explain over the phone (and are still confusing in that medium). CloudApp lets me save time with short videos.

What are some tips and tricks you have learned?

Honestly, I’ve probably only scratched the surface with the functionality that’s available. The core features (record a screencast + audio and upload immediately) is my main use of it. This used to take much longer with other tools I used to use like Screenflow.

What features would you love most in an upcoming release

I want to dive deeper into the markup tools - I haven’t used them much. I would also like to see a few more direct integrations with apps like that we use quite a bit in our workflow.

Overall - I think CloudApp is a great tool. It’s incredibly useful tool for our entire remote team and the fact that it’s simple and “just works”

Thanks for your time today Joel! I love how Joel mentioned that his short videos have become a real time saver internally. We estimate users can save around 1.5 minutes of time per drop created. In some cases with explaining complex design, strategy, or proposals the time saving is much much larger when comparing video to text.

You can find Joel on Twitter @joelrunyon and his businesses - , and

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