CloudApp for Product Teams with Kelly Eng, AdRoll Product Manager

Olivia Clyde

As a Product Manager at AdRoll, Kelly Eng values clear communication and a faster process. We recently sat down with her to hear how CloudApp boosts visual communication for her product team. Watch the video below.

Adroll is the growth platform that helps e-commerce brands grow their online business. It capitalizes on channels like email, social, and targeted ads to boost the ROI of your team’s continued marketing efforts.

Kelly Eng
Product Manager

AdRoll helps companies acquire more customers. With a user base of more than 1.2 million loyal buyers, AdRoll lets you tap into its resource of active shoppers. Companies can also retarget existing customers who are most likely to buy again. AdRoll’s analytics software uses in-depth data to sum up team performance through data. AdRoll’s three-pronged approach lets you attract more customers, convert the right audience, and attribute results accurately.

Visual Communication with CloudApp

Present Feature Versions Easily

Product management involves plenty of feature improvement. Engineers produce multiple options for feature improvements and take them to Kelly. The decision for which feature to choose is harder when they are presented with text-based messages. She says that GIFs have made all the difference for better team communication.

"If my engineering team has a couple of options for how something might be implemented, they’ll use GIFs to show me what Option A looks like verses Option B."

GIFs from engineers make it easy for her to compare feature options. They let her see discrepancies side-by-side so she can understand which works better

Enhance your Slack Experience

Slack is where her team’s communication lives. In addition to typing quick messages, her team's communication significantly improves when they use visuals inside the chat habitat.

Kelly captures content, them simply pastes it with CloudApp's Slack Integration where it automatically uploads and “unfurls.” Unfurling means that a thumbnail photo of her content quickly generates so her recipients can see it without clicking on it.

“Using CloudApp is easier than uploading an image directly into Slack." 

CloudApp’s link unfurl feature in Slack saves her team time by eliminating confusion. They no longer need to clarify text-based messages since visuals do the work.

‍CloudApp’s link unfurl feature saves her team time by eliminating confusion. They no longer need to clarify text-based messages since visuals do the work.

Communicate with Support Teams

Clear communication between the product and support team is imperative. An easy way for the support team to communicate issues to the product team is creating GIFs of bugs. A quick, autoplay clip of a bug immediately identifies the issue for the product team. They no longer waste time composing tedious explanations of what’s occurring. With CloudApp, they can simply show it.  

“Instead of typing up a huge paragraph of what they saw, they just make a quick GIF and we’ll see exactly what they're seeing."

The sooner product can see what the support team encounters, the sooner they can create a solution.

How can CloudApp boost your team’s communication? Learn how.

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