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Product Innovation & Rapid Growth- Bloomberg Beta's Stacked Panel

Product Development panel Discussion hosted by Bloomberg Beta

A couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to get Product experts from Atlassian, Honeycomb, Airbnb and Adroll in the same room. The discussion was about how to keep Product Development innovating in a fast-growing company.

Meet our speakers:

- Sri Viswanath, CTO of Atlassian
- Charity Majors, Engineer and Cofounder at Honeycomb, former Production Engineering Manager at Facebook
- Craig Minoff, Product Manager at Airbnb
- Kelly Eng, Product Manager - Growth at AdRoll

Watch our passionate Product experts talk about:
- How do you prioritize your work and which users you should target?
- How Craig at Airbnb compares his roadmap prioritization to a cooking stove
- How on-boarding engineers / PMs is key to the roadmap and how all these great companies do it
- What are the different Product planning strategies?
- How to handle technical debt? How do you choose the right technology and then scale with it?
- How to work with 'pirates' / 'swat' innovation taskforces


Also here are some of the pictures from the event!

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