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Powering the Modern Workplace

Powering the Modern Workplace

The modern workplace has been tipped on its head in 2020 with 7 years of conversations about digital transformation being crammed into 7 weeks of action.

Thats why companies investing in infrastructure and remote work improvements are so important.

So what is the future of work?

On this episode of The DNA of An Experience, Ram Jambunathan, Managing Director of discusses how SAP is investing in and providing an accelerator to startups. By working with innovators, SAP is able to be close to emerging technologies and focus on integrations that will improve its own ecosystem.

What we talked about

  • What does the modern workplace look like to you?
  • The trend was moving toward remote anyway, but how have the current conditions helped accelerate that?
  • How can asynch video from a tool like CloudApp and real time video from a tool like Zoom help with remote work?
  • What are some tips you have learned as a leader during this moment with your team and customers?
  • With new remote playbooks in hand, what does the new normal look like?


To hear episode 30 about Powering the Modern Workplace on The DNAof An Experience podcast with guest Ram Jambunathan of SAP go here

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Hunter Amato

Hunter Amato

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