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Remote work as an employee and as a leader can be tricky. It takes lots of research and experience to learn what the right remote work guide is. GitLab is a company that was founded on remote work principles and has remote employees spanning 65 countries.

As a data leader at GitLab, Emilie Schario has learned the best ways for her self to be productive and how to collaborate with her teammates that she only gets to see every 9 months in real life GitLab meetups.

So how do you best find success with Remote Work? Many of us are still learning, but GitLab and Emilie are ahead of the curve.

On this episode of The DNA of An Experience podcast you will hear from Emilie Schario internal strategist and data nerd like me at GitLab

What we talked about

To hear episode 31 about Remote Work on The DNA of An Experience podcast with guest Emlie Schario go here