Support Webinar with Help Scout & Zapier: Resolutions for 2018!

Olivia Clyde

A New Year's toast to kick off an even better year in Customer Support!

Zapier and Help Scout recently joined CloudApp for its 2017 Support webinar to conclude the year with some quick-tip resolutions for the best support yet in 2018.

Watch and learn specific ways that support professionals like Help Scout’s Mat Patterson, Zapier’s Jason Warner, and CloudApp’s Scott Smith are refining tactics in their support processes to help make customers happier, sooner.  Click below to watch the webinar!


Lower Response Time
Mat Patterson, Customer Service Evangelist at Help Scout, resolves to analyze where he spends his time.

Mat recently recorded a few sessions of answering customer conversations via email, then went back and analyzed how the time was spent- i.e. time spent finding the right account, looking for answers, waiting on others, crafting responses, finding the next conversation to handle. He then decided which ones could be improved. As an example, Mat said that making a documentation link easier to find for people writing status updates saves a bunch of stress and time.

Jason Warner, Customer Champion at Zapier, will clarify problems with the customer before attempting to solve them!

He once received a customer email about an abstract error with no context. After Jason poked around the customer’s account, he figured he would address the errors he noticed with a visual, solution-packed email back. He laughs in remembering the customer’s reply that completely dismissed the problem Jason had attempted to detect and solve. Although his email would have helped in some areas, he regrets not going straight to the source by asking the customer “which error are we talking about?”

Scott Smith, VP Sales at CloudApp, will automate more processes while still managing to gather helpful data.

To make the cancellation process less frustrating and more effective, CloudApp aims to automate the process in 2018. Its current practice is to have customers take a survey for input and info on what they will use as an alternative to CloudApp, and ask other questions about how they could have done better before cancelling.”

Less Going It Alone
Matt resolves to include troubleshooting steps and guidance on asking for help in his training. 

New staff members on Mat's team felt that asking for help signaled that they were less capable. Mat emphasizes that it’s better to ask for help early on, instead of spending hours on one conversation. “Result: less stress, team members feel helpful and customers get faster service.”

Jason resolves to involve coworkers in support by asking them more questions!

Jason is a big believer in asking questions for the following reasons:

  • You push yourself! You’re answering more tickets that you didn’t know how to answer
  • You don’t spend time spinning your wheels trying to figure it out alone
  • You benefit others by asking questions they may neglect to ask
Scott will be sharing ownership and accountability inside of his team's knowledge base.

Scott created a general template for building landing pages. He wanted to share it with teammates to personalize the specific landing pages they were working on. By involving his teammates in the process, they can all contribute to unifying CloudApp content!

The body of that template typically includes:

  • Headline with explanation and an image
  • Specific feature name.
  • And lastly, catering the feature to every Platform (Mac, Windows, Web)

Less Customer Confusion
Mat resolves to use visual explanation to get to the point faster!

He articulates the poignant frustration of trying to describe something with a heap of words. Incorporating something as simple as an image or video makes everything “vastly faster.” (That phrase is 10x better with Mat’s Aussie accent.)

Jason resolves to respect the customer’s need for clarity.

Jason has started adding a lot more direct links to GIFs and to TextExpander. With two clicks and a few keystrokes, he can embed the GIF directly in the email so the user knows exactly what to do. He is trying to directly address the customer’s issue! Why instruct her about the bug causing her problem, when all she wants is a solution to the problem at hand? Using visuals makes it easier for a customer to make correct decisions when presented with a choice.

Scott resolves to use CloudApp's product better by using more VIDEO!

Scott agrees that visual images are a great boon to communication involving ideas, including micro-instructional videos that he embeds in the help center. These offset wordy instruction-manual kinds of directions that he would have otherwise included. He also speaks of CloudApp’s plans to improve and increase its use of video and visual imagery across all of its ecosystems!


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