Record your screen and your face (webcam) at the same time!

At CloudApp, our mission is to make workplace communication easier, and it’s really important to us that we help you do that as clearly and efficiently as possible. With most of us sitting at desks wearing headphones typing in email or Slack, it’s easy to lose the personal touch of a real conversation.

With our newest feature, we’re making things more personal and efficient.

CloudApp now enables you to record your screen together with audio and a front-facing camera from your desktop. You can use your built in microphone and webcam, or choose to use an external device for audio and video.


1- Click on the TV icon in your menu bar

2- Click and drag to select the recorded area

3- Click on the Camera icon to start your webcam recording and/or on the Microphone icon to start your audio recording

4- If you started your webcam, place the window in any corner that you’d like

5- Click Start to start recording

When you click “Finish”, we immediately upload your video to the cloud and add a shortlink to the content to your clipboard so you can share it.

Recording your screen and adding your webcam to it can be great for:

  • Sales - Send a personalized video to a prospect or customer introducing yourself
  • Support - Create a how to video or tutorial customized just for that customer’s needs
  • Designers and Product Managers - Make a highlight video of a new feature you’ve created, or capture a bug report with video
Add your video to Gmail

If you'd like to add your video directly into Gmail or sales tools like Outreach, you can do that by following the directions here: and you'll end up with...

To start using this feature on Mac or Windows, download the latest version of CloudApp here

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