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New features: Templates, SOC 2 Type 2 certification, and Partnerships with Atlassian and Slack

With this update we are excited to bring you four updates that will have a lot of impact on you, our community, on getting the most out of CloudApp to save you time and build better workflows.

Templates! With templates you’ll be able to share your sales, product, and customer support videos, images, and Gifs, faster. The pain of recreating the same sharing format is now gone, helping you stay focused on your workflow, rather than the setup. You can also choose from templates we have created for you to use with your videos if you want! We’ll be adding more templates over time, as well as the ability to create your own.

Slack Integration! For years, CloudApp users have shared videos into Slack but have not been able to play them inline, immediately. We’re grateful to the Slack team for helping us enable this huge workflow boost, which now instead of just a preview GIF of the content, you can play a video right within the Slack channel it was posted in.

Jira & Confluence Integration! you can now share a CloudApp link and get a full, beautiful embed with just a single click. You’ll be able to choose to see just the link, or you can view the content right inside your workflow.

Soc2 Type 2 Compliance! Added security to protect CloudApp customer data


With templates you can now move even faster with your communication. Quickly save that product demo, sales note, or customer support response style and re-use it in the future. You can also use some of the pre-designed templates we have created for you.

What is the purpose of this announcement?: We want to help you move fast and save time. Templates helps you put your CloudApp screenshots, GIFs, and videos into a predefined design so its packaged and ready to send.

How can I get it?: Templates are available now within your web browser. Just log into and check out the templates tab. Or, if you are currently viewing one of your uploaded items, on the right hand side of the page you’ll see the ‘Templates’ button. This feature is currently available on all CloudApp accounts with a paid subscription. We can’t wait to hear your feedback at [email protected]!

Slack Integration

With this new integration you can now watch CloudApp videos directly in Slack vs. only a preview.

What is the purpose of this announcement?: A large portion of our community have requested this for a long time as users of Slack. We are thrilled to bring it to all of you.

How can I get it?: Just paste your links into Slack and you will see the magic happen, no need for any additional downloads or updates. 🙂

Jira and Confluence integration

In both Atlassian Jira & Confluence, you can now share a CloudApp link and get a full, beautiful embed with just a single click. You’ll be able to choose to see just the link, or you can view the content right inside your workflow. Huge effort from the Atlassian team on this one.

We are happy to bring CloudApp to where you are vs. forcing you to collaborate in our product.

SOC2 Type 2 LIVE!

Since the beginning of our business, we have been focused on the security and privacy of our business community. We are thrilled to announce today that the pending SOC 2 Type 2 certification we announced is now LIVE for all ALL USERS.

This certification demonstrates the trustworthiness of our software in keeping your data safe and secure. We value our users’ privacy and this certification given by outside auditors provides peace-of-mind. We also put extra diligence and effort to go straight for a Type 2 certification.

Many companies out there will toute SOC 2 , but will only go for the very basic Type 1 certification that doesn’t have nearly enough rigor. Our dedicated Enterprise team went above and beyond straight into Type 2 for our community.

How do I get it? Available immediately to ALL customers. If you have specific questions on SOC2 and getting setup with a Team or Enterprise accounts go here

We have more planned for the year to continue to help bring more to you our community.