New Features for Apple devices: iOS App, Shortcuts Support

Scott Smith

New Features for Apple devices: iOS App, Apple Shortcuts

Productivity can happen anywhere, whether it’s on your commute, in your office, or even on the ski lift in Tahoe. At CloudApp, we’re helping teams do more with their time to increase their performance.

Here are 2 new products that will help you streamline and grow your business wherever you might be working.

Supercharge your mobile workflow with CloudApp for iOS‍

Report bugs from your phone, record personalized sales demos videos (with your face!), record audio meeting notes, and get more done.

Use CloudApp for iOS to create:

Meeting notes

Record and share meeting minutes with high quality audio recording

Whiteboard sessions

Capture and share whiteboard sessions, ideas, and concepts you see anywhere

Presentations and demos

Record a demo, a product pitch, or a sales presentation that you can instantly share with your team or prospects


You can share, from any app, directly to CloudApp using the sharesheet

Check out the free app today in the App Store here!

Shortcuts for iOS 12 now available, supports CloudApp

Apple’s new Shortcuts app for iOS 12 is now available on the App Store to install. Shortcuts brings first-class automation features to the iPhone and iPad with support for actions across the operating system and supported apps.

Automations built in the Shortcuts app can also be used to enhance Siri — just add an automation to Siri with a custom phrase that you record and your Shortcuts automation can fire off from iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or HomePod.

Our custom CloudAppp Shortcuts integration lets you instantly upload and share anything to CloudApp from whatever workflow you create.

New Automation: Clipboard to CloudApp

Any time you copy an image, a video, a GIF, or some text, you’ll now be able to instantly upload it to CloudApp just by initiating the CloudApp workflow. After upload, you’ll get a link added to your clipboard that you can share in an email, a text, Slack, or anywhere else.

Link to CloudApp custom workflow

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