We’re excited to announce the release of two new features that help enhance your content: descriptions, and numbered annotations. We are confident these improvements enhance the workflow of our customers and make it easier than ever to communicate visually.


We added a description box so you can add relevant text below your screenshot or recording. This can help provide a text based summary to your content, additional notes you forgot to include in your video, or other details that help improve the clarity of your message.

To add a description to your content:

  1. Visit your content link on the web.
  2. Click “ Add Description” and add your description.
  3. Click outside of the box to save your description.

Numbered Annotations

Reduce the added text needed by quickly adding numbered circles to your screenshot. This allows you to highlight a sequence of steps someone needs to take, a priority of issues to tackle, or other similar steps without any text.As you add number bubbles to your content, the numbers automatically increase in order.

To add number bubbles to your content:

  1. Visit your content on the web using your share link.
  2. Click “Annotate” and then the “Number” tool.
  3. Click anywhere on the content to place your number annotations.