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February 16, 2021 New Features: Announcing Analytics, Activity Feed, New Enterprise Features like View-Only Users, Domain Lockdown, SOC 2, and more!

We are thrilled to bring you our latest features: Analytics to better understand who is viewing your content, an Activity Feed to help you easily find that link your coworker shared that you saw last week, and new Enterprise tools to help you better manage and control the content created by your team.

We all love data and seeing the impact of what we create. With Analytics you can now see directly how many and who viewed your content.

View analytics features:

  • View count
  • Percent of video viewed
  • Viewers (available for Pro, Team, and Enterprise accounts)
  • Time content was viewed (Available for Enterprise accounts)
  • Export list of viewers (Available for Enterprise accounts)

What is the purpose of view analytics?

View analytics will help you determine the impact of your content. Along with a total view count, you can also see the total percentage viewed by user on screen recordings and any other type of content.. These analytics will allow you to focus on creating content with higher engagement. Learn more about analytics.

Activity feed

You may share and view a lot of content throughout the day with CloudApp. Sometimes you want to find that document someone sent you or a specific link you may have looked at recently. As a pro or team member, you have access to a section called “Activity”, available via your dashboard or via 

What is shown in the activity feed?

  • All CloudApp links you recently viewed while logged in
  • Content shared within your organization via the security settings: any link with the permission set to “Anyone in the organization can view/edit”.
  • (Coming soon) Comments within your team (team/enterprise plans only)
  • (Coming soon) CloudApp links shared to your email

Domain Lockdown

Enterprise accounts can now consolidate all users from a domain into one account. This will allow for centralized billing, security, and membership management.

Domain lockdown features:
Ability for all users to see content shared in team spaces -Admin visibility of all sign ups on a domain -Ability for admins to disable any members to control security of domain

What is the purpose of domain lockdown?
Managing your CloudApp team at a domain-level will allow for ease in managing licenses, maintaining security, and saving money over time with a full picture of how licenses are being allocated. Users on the domain will also be able to see shared collections and documents to improve collaboration.

How do I get this feature?
The view-only users feature is automatically enabled with all Enterprise accounts. If you are on a Free, Pro, or Team account and would like to access these features, you can connect with our sales team here.

View-Only Users

Enterprise accounts can now collaborate with more team members than ever with unlimited view-only users. If your viewers want to become creators, no problem, its still easy to add them to your team or enterprise just like before.

View-only membership features:

“Shared with me” feed access

Find those files that have been shared with you to quickly collaborate with your team.

Access to shared collections

Comments on content links enabled

Access to shared collections

What is the purpose of view-only user memberships?

Sometimes users need to view shared content and collections, but do not need to create their own content. Instead of issuing these users their own enterprise-level licenses, enterprise accounts may add unlimited view-only users*. With this new feature, enterprise teammates will be able to invite anyone to see their shared content, collections, and to engage through comments.

How do I get this feature?

The view-only users feature is automatically enabled with all Enterprise accounts. If you are on a Free, Pro, or Team account and would like to access these features, you can upgrade your account here.

*Please note that view-only users will not be able to create and upload content, edit collections, or sign into the desktop app.

SOC 2 Certification

CloudApp is proud to announce we are deeply in the process of our SOC 2 certification and will be ready to officially add to our Enterprise accounts later this year. This certification demonstrates the trustworthiness of our software in keeping your data safe and secure. We value our users’ privacy and this certification given by outside auditors provides peace-of-mind.


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