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The resume world is quickly changing. With the rise of digital communication, the role of the resume has morphed and twisted in exceptional ways. While your resume was originally a device to get information to your potential employer and score an interview, it now serves as a form of attaining interest and networking as well. If you need help with your resume, resume tips post will help you to understand not only how to craft a compelling resume, but also how to craft a compelling resume that is readily shareable and adaptable. To do so, we will cover five main sections:

  1. Starting your resume.
  2. Formatting your resume.
  3. Wording your resume.
  4. Sending your resume.
  5. Additional tips and tricks.


Resume Screenshot
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Saving Resume in Microsoft Word as PDF GIF
Saving Resume in Microsoft Word as PDF GIF
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Additional Tips and Tricks

If you made it to this section, congrats! As your reward, here are some additional tricks and tips to help you hack the resume process.

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Resume Tips from CloudApp Employees