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How G2 Uses CloudApp to Accelerate Sales & Revenue Growth

As the world’s largest B2B review platform, G2 is a catalyst to company growth. With its services, companies are leveraging peer reviews to make greater impact in today’s marketplace.

Watch the video below to learn how G2’s sales team is bringing in faster results!

Olivier L’abbe, SVP of sales appreciates when a tool can save his sales team significant amounts of time. He says that CloudApp is especially useful forits ability to condense long, text-based messages into concise videos and GIFs. With it, a sales rep can record a short, explanatory video in only 30-40 seconds. That video can then be repurposed for dozens of customers who will also require the same information from him or her.

G2 sales representatives know that much of their success hinges on their ability to educate customers in advance of encounters with them. That’s where CloudApp videos come in.Videos and GIFs quickly highlight the information necessary for customers to understand the G2 Crowd service. Olivier says that “the videos are actually selling for us when we’re not around.” Similar to how invested money collects interest, CloudApp is teaching customers while the G2Cteam is away.

Account Executive Josh Marsh says that using CloudApp is driving and accelerating deals through their pipeline. The more educated customers they speak with, the closer they are to reaching their goals.

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