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Comeback for a Failed Upload!

When capture tragedy strikes

Imagine- you’ve finally found the perfect piece of content, begging to be documented, captured, and shared instantly. But wait— what’s this? Just when you think all conditions have been met for that perfect screenshot, GIF, or recording, the wifi goes out! You’re done for (not to mention innocent.)

Suddenly the banner reading “UPLOAD FAILED” flashes across your screen, and your smile fades from view.

And poof- the magic of that slick 3-key tap of your fingers across the keyboard for instant capture of cued-up content is gone.

All the more traumatic when that drop happens to be from a screen recorder that involves narration, or a GIF recording demonstrating a detailed series of demonstrations.

CloudApp to the rescue.

Introducing the feature for recovering failed uploads! Now you can bask in the comfort of knowing that CloudApp protects your content, and therefore you. (Newsflash, you are your content.)

Here’s how it works:

When a CloudApp user makes a drop that fails to upload for the first time, a pop-up will jump out, reading “Your Failed Uploads are Safe.” (Likely due to a faulty internet connection).

In this case, you have a few options. As noted on the pop-up, you can simply try clicking the banner notification to re-upload your drop.

Other options include clicking “Ok” to dismiss the pop-up. But the real magic happens with the third option:

Stored away just for you

Click “Open Folder” to be taken to the collection of drops CloudApp has automatically collected. You can access your failed uploads from thereon, out. Once inside the folder, locate your failed drop.

Click on it, and drag it up to the CloudApp icon on your menu bar!

Additional Feature: Saving GIF + HD Recordings to Your Computer!

Better safe than sorry! Sometimes a little precaution goes a long way. To prevent any potential mishaps, you can lock any recordings down to your computer by clicking into “Preferences,” then the “General” tab. Next to “GIF + Recordings”, simply check the box in order to save your files to your computer.

Voila. Upload saved. If you don’t see this option available to you — make sure you have the latest version of our Mac App, which you can download here: