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Kayako Integration for CloudApp: Innovative Help Desk & Unified Customer Service Software

Everyone knows, it’s more valuable to keep your existing customers happy than it is to go out and find new ones.

But, with multiple social media platforms, emails, and chat systems to maintain, it’s no wonder businesses are struggling to keep up with the demand for customer relations.

This is where Kayako comes in. An all-in-one system that makes supporting your clients functional and easy.

Kayako streamlines all your customer support channels into one platform, allowing your team to connect with your customers wherever they are and with whatever they need.

With CloudApp, you can take this support to a whole new level!

“A Video says a Million words”

Capture screen recordings and seamlessly drop them right into the chat.

Show your customers exactly how to get back on track by creating engaging visuals to solve customer problems or highlight key benefits to your platform.

How Kayako works with CloudApp

Record your screen:

Capture video of anything on your screen to add an engaging visual directly into any Kayako ticket, template, chat, or help center page.

Edit and Annotate:

Remove the back and forth, and quickly getting right to the point by highlighting a section on a page to instantly call out a suggestion or feedback.

Add it directly into Kayako:

Capture a recording or a screenshot and CloudApp automagically creates a sharable link. Want to show a preview? Easy. Just drag and drop!

CloudApp Inspirations:

  • Screen record a solution to a technical customer service issue
  • Screen capture and annotate a key feature for a customer to locate
  • Help customers help themselves with engaging help center animations
  • Duplicate and record technical issues to pass on to tech support teams
  • Create important visuals to pass on to teammates for further support
  • Build visual macros to quickly and efficiently solve common problems


Get Started with Kayako and CloudApp:

  1. Download and install CloudApp on your Windows PC or Mac
  2. Quickly Signup to create your free CloudApp account
  3. Try capturing a recording or a screenshot and CloudApp will automatically create a sharable link.

4. Then simply copy and paste the link or drag and drop it right into your Kayako chat!

5. Check out our Help Center for tips and tricks and to find everything you need to get started.