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My CloudApp Summer Internship

An Application From the Heavens

Of all the possible new tech startups to join, I’m pleased to announce that I will be joining the CloudApp team in Castro Valley, California. I will be tasked with informing the general public of the usefulness and practicality of this cutting edge application.

CloudApp allows an individual to mirror their computer monitor along with audio of their instruction in a video format. That video is then sent to the team member assigned to the specific tasks outlined in the video. CloudApp serves as a bridge between employer and employee when in-person communication and guidance is not possible.
I was born and raised in Castro Valley, California. Castro Valley is a suburb of Oakland and is about sixteen miles outside San Francisco. I thoroughly enjoy living in the Bay Area as the weather is usually about seventy-five degrees with a nice bay breeze rolling in over the Oakland Hills. I am an avid sports fan and try to keep up with the latest baseball scores and statistics. And like most teens, I am an active user of social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

I recently finished my freshman year of college at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. The experience allowed me to escape the “Bay Area Bubble” and associate with people from all walks of life.

I also discovered that academic success required an extended amount of instruction from professors, an amount that exceeded the allotted class time. These sessions happened far and few between as schedules were difficult to align. Which made me turn to YouTube and other academic sites where information was not always accurate or inconsistent with the test material.

So as a freshman in college, where one-to-one instruction is not a realistic expectation given the number of students and time constraints, I found the potential of this app to be especially useful in my life.

Growing up through the tech boom in the Bay Area has exposed me to a variety of applications with numerous features designed to make our lives easier. However, I have found CloudApp to be a step above mainstream applications as the success of CloudApp could forever change the dynamics of the workplace. Both visual and aural learners will be satisfied with this unique form of communication as instruction is performed, through screen mirroring, and spoken, through the audio file.

Management also saves an invaluable amount of time that would have been spent catering to their delegatory duties to their specific employees’ needs. CloudApp also allows employees to work from home or other remote locations. Never again are the long commutes or strenuous hours stuck in an office chair. This kind of freedom and comfort conveys the autonomous-like profession that the working-class strides for.

I am ecstatic for the opportunity to join the uniquely talented team at CloudApp as a summer intern. The work being conducted is truly innovative while incorporating modern technology. I encourage anyone looking to make a difference in the business realm to consider CloudApp.
In a world becoming exclusively digital and automated; customer engagement adds a personal touch that customers love.

Josh Perry will be a sophomore at Brigham Young University this fall and is currently an intern at CloudApp.