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Is Your Creativity Dead? 7 Apps You Need to Bring it Back to Life

If you’re a techie at heart, you have an app for every problem life throws your way. While some may say technology is killing creativity – we say never!

In fact, there’s never been a better time to be a creative than right now, with millions of inspirational ideas, images and visual stories at your fingertips!

But, if your inner artist is feeling a bit drained and creativity is giving you the cold shoulder – warm it up with these lively apps!


One of the hardest jobs creatives have is getting others to see what they see. To quickly get your point across, create a quick representation with this animation tool. Loop by UniversalEverything breathes life into your ideas so your whole team can get your vision and get onboard.


Sometimes it just takes seeing something outlandish, infuriating, or downright stunning to jar your brain back into creative mode. Artsy brings all of the latest works of art from around the world to you in a sleek, neutral interface.

Browse through thousands of pieces of art, favorite the ones that really tug at your creative bones, and share pieces on all your go-to channels. Discover your next source of inspiration… then another, and another.


Have an iPad? Of course you do. Then you should also have Penultimate by Evernote. Rather than risking losing your precious sketches and jotted notes on scraps of paper (who uses paper anymore, anyway?) handwrite all your fresh ideas digitally using Penultimate.

Get that same great pen-to-paper feel with infinite room to scribble, scratch, erase and improve on your creation until it’s just right.


Whether music is your jam or not, breaking out of your routine to make some noise can get your creative juices flowing again. With Keezy for iOS (Android coming soon), you have a full music studio in the palm of your hand.

Add your favorite beats to the colored tiles, then let your inner fidgeter take the stage. Just tap, tap, tap and you’ll create original tracks that may make you want to venture into the music biz.

Tayasui Sketches

You have an idea in your head. It’s faint, but that’s all you need. Tayasui Sketches lets you get the bare bones out of your head and into the digital space. Then add layer upon layer of color, dimension, texture, and more as your creativity blooms. Once it’s just right, send and share so your whole team can see how awesome you are.


If you’re a developer or web designer, just seeing the right font face can be enough to inspire the rest of the project. Find your ideal typography match with Typendium, your font face encyclopedia. Because it’s more than just “to serif or not to serif.”

Insight Timer

When your creativity is on its death bed, the best way to resuscitate it is to stimulate all five senses. Tickle your creativity by exercising the most powerful muscle in your body – your brain.

Insight Timer is like having the Dalai Lama, Confucius, and Yoda in your pocket. Choose from hundreds of thousands of guided meditations ranging from mere minutes to full hour-long sessions. We like Jason Williams’s Sensory Meditation.

With the exception of Loop (at $0.99), all of these creativity-sparking apps are absolutely free. So no more excuses.

Bring your creativity back to life and get back to being the best version of you, because as the late great Robin Williams once said “ You’re only given a little spark of madness. You must not lose it.”

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