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CloudApp Annotate for Mac, Recent Funding and Integrations

The CloudApp journey started over five years ago. The vision: quick, simple sharing. CloudApp quickly grew to become a coveted app adopted by the world’s top makers, renowned designers, developers, and founders building the fastest growing companies of tomorrow. It’s become a daily essential for founders and key contributors at companies like: Atlassian, Airbnb, Spotify, Uber, Zendesk, Foursquare, MailChimp, Buffer, Digg, Genius, Flexport and many others.

Today we’re thrilled to announce several big updates along with highlights of what’s coming around the corner.

  • CloudApp Annotate for Mac – released today
  • Additional $1M in recent funding from Bloomberg Beta and others
  • Recent acquisition of Annotate – now part of CloudApp
  • New integrations and workflows from Trello and Zendesk

CloudApp Annotate for Mac

Now available, CloudApp Annotate for Mac provides native desktop annotation that’s 300% faster, supports emojis and directly integrates with your workflow.

With CloudApp Annotate you can bring ideas to life faster and…

  • Say it with less words – Using arrows, shapes, and quick sketches instead of sentences.
  • Bring attention – Focusing on what’s important with annotations and markup.
  • ‍Keep sensitive information safe – Blur out private data or strike out text.

If you’re already a CloudApp Mac user, the app should have automatically updated on your system. You can also find the latest version on our downloads page. Windows user? CloudApp Annotate for Windows is coming soon (like really really soon).

Recent funding

We’re also excited to announce CloudApp’s recent $1M in additional funding from Bloomberg Beta, TheFamily, New Ground Ventures, Ride Ventures, Gramercy Fund, Product Hunt Founding Team Member Erik Torenberg, Sundeep Ahuja’s Syndicate and others. We’re thrilled to have these new partners involved in CloudApp as we accelerate our vision around faster communication and workflows.

Acquisition of Annotate

Formerly known as, Annotate was initially developed by former Soundcloud Product Manager Sebastian Razola as an alternative to Skitch. It later passed hands to Drift and was expanded into Annotate by CloudApp user David Cancel (CEO of Drift and former CPO at Hubspot) – quickly becoming a top app in the App Store.

Annotate has since been integrated and is available today as part of CloudApp. Existing Annotate users can rest assured all features are being incorporated into CloudApp.

New integrations and workflows

At CloudApp, we’re committed to accelerating productivity, making workflows faster, more visual and integrating into the services you use and love most. We recently rolled out native integrations within Trello and Zendesk and have an aggressive backlog you should expect to see shortly. ????

Our vision is to work where you work and make CloudApp the fastest way to capture, share and make use of content anywhere. On behalf of the CloudApp team, we’re excited for you to give CloudApp Annotate for Mac a spin and share in this journey for years to come.

-Tyler and the CloudApp Team

Tyler Koblasa
CEO, CloudApp

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback…
Drop us a line at or on Twitter @cloudapp.

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