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Introducing: Native CloudApp Annotate for Windows

Hey there!

Today, we are happy to announce our in-app Annotation tool for Windows!

With CloudApp Annotate you can bring ideas to life faster and:

  • Say it with less words – Using arrows, shapes, and quick sketches instead of sentences.
  • Bring attention – Focusing on what’s important with annotations and markup.
  • Keep sensitive information safe – Blur out private data or strike out text.|


You’ll now be able to annotate your screenshots more quickly, right from the Windows app. No need to go to the web-app anymore!

To start working with in-app annotations, first make sure you have downloaded the latest version of our Windows app here.

Now that you have it, open the app and login to your account. Once you have done that, select an existing screenshot from the stream (or take a new one) and click on the pencil icon to open the Annotation feature:

(Notice that you can still access the annotate feature from the web app if you want, but we think you’ll enjoy more the in-app experience 🙂

To create a new screenshot and automatically start annotating it, press this shortcut:

Alt + Shift + 0

And remember that you can set up your own shortcuts for your frequent tasks here:

Let us know what is your experience like, if you have questions or suggestions we’ll be happy to reply from the comments section below 🙂 or shoot us an email to [email protected]

Don’t forget to download CloudApp’s latest version for Windows to experience this new feature!