How We Work - Social Tables: How to streamline your Customer Support

Emilie Johnston

Interview with Caty Black, Customer Care Team Lead at Social Tables

We love it when we get messages from our customers telling us how much time we’re saving them. But we really love when we hear just how much fun they’re having during the process! Last week, Caty Black, Customer Care Team Lead at Social Tables dished to CloudApp how the Jira Integration isn’t just shaving time off their workday and making their customers happy - but also helping their team stay on top of holiday themed office parties with snaps of snacks and silliness that everyone can weigh in on.

From office party planning to how working in digital hospitality means excellent customer care for those who usually provide it, Caty shares with us the many ways in which CloudApp is helping Social Tables streamline their workflow. That way, they can concentrate on what they do best - making events better with less stress for event and hospitality professionals everywhere.

Q - What are some of your biggest challenges throughout your workday and how is CloudApp helping solve those challenges?

Caty - At Social Tables, our teammate Cooper, who used to work in Customer Care, is a huge champion of CloudApp (thanks Cooper!). So naturally, he got us all signed up for the free version and after all those stickers you sent, we all signed up for paid accounts.

We provide live chat and email support. Before CloudApp, if a customer couldn’t export a file, we’d have to do it for them which was a lengthy process. We’d have to go into Salesforce, create a case, draft the email and then send the draft along with the exported file to the customer. Now we just download the file for them and send that file directly through chat.

Another way we use CloudApp is since it’s hard to communicate over chat and email, we just create a video instead. Even though we have a video library - it’s better if they can see a video about their event while showing them how to use the software. It just saves so many steps.

We’re using CloudApp constantly in all kinds of ways. Creating help articles, helping with organization and of course any images. Our customers don’t want to read through an entire help article, so with CloudApp we can send just one line + a visual and it’s so much easier!

Lastly, we’re constantly troubleshooting, which can get messy. CloudApp keeps it easy and streamlined.

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Q - How Does Your Day Look Different Now With the CloudApp + Jira Integration?

Caty - We use Jira on the front lines with the customer, so as we find things we have to capture it in that instant so we can report it faster. Before CloudApp that file was ugly with a long string and would get lost on the desktop. Our process is two-fold. We use Slack for our internal communications as a team. On Customer Care we’re supporting customers but also supporting our fellow employees, the internal customer. We use Jira to create bug tickets to send over to QA and Engineering. Cloud App and the integration has been great to help include images and videos.

Q - How Much Time Are You Saving Per Day Now?

Caty - We try to have a 13 second response time which includes saying hello and resolving issues within the first 100 words said. Before we were having to create an entire new Salesforce case, and now I’d say it only takes us a long as it takes to capture the image (a few seconds).

Q - What Should a Great Customer Experience Look Like and How Do You Make That Happen?

Caty - We eat, sleep and breathe customer service. Customer service is intangible. You won’t remember every detail about an event you went to or everything about something you bought - but you will always remember how you were made to feel.

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At Social Tables, we’re in a unique position because most of our customers are in hospitality. Our event planning software exists to make the process of event planning easier and less stressful. Since our customers are in hospitality, they understand what it means to deliver great service. And if we’re ever stuck in a tricky situation, they’re so gracious and easy to work with!

As Caty mentioned above, CloudApp can help streamline your Customer Support and shave off minutes of repetitive tasks per day! Here are 4 tricks you can start applying in your daily job.

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