How We Work: Outreach’s Andrew Mewborn

The CloudApp Team

At CloudApp, we love productivity.

So much so, we decided to ditch our coffee machines for an industrial coffee grinder, french press, and water heater (aka, our “ride or die” that is always ready at 195°F). We reduced production time by 9 minutes per pot of coffee! And yes, everything is controlled by wifi.

When it was time to review communication platforms for our sales team, we applied the same approach to find the most productive platform out there. We tested EVERYthing and if you know coffee’s for closers, and you’ve been drinking coffee regularly for some time — you know about Outreach. The obvious, unanimous choice, of our sales team.

Founded in Seattle, Washington in 2013, Outreach is the enterprise communication platform for sales teams and has grown 910% in the last 2 years. From just a handful of employees to now over 100 and $30 million in venture funding. Their customers include companies like AdobeZuora, ZillowClouderaDocusignDomoMarketo, and hundreds of others.

Four months into our sales team using and ❤’n Outreach, we discovered they were CloudApp users! So we’re super pumped to feature in this week’s How We Work series.

Introducing Outreach’s Andrew Mewborn

Product and Customer Support Expert, Adventurer, Chef.

‍‍Andrew Mewborn,

Q: Tell us about how you’re using CloudApp at Outreach: “CloudApp has helped our customer success team communicate solutions to our customers. Anytime we’re asked a question like:

‘How do I sync Salesforce?’‘How do I create a sequence?’ ‘How do I create a new template?’

We send them a short custom video created with CloudApp and either embed it directly or include a short URL link to the video. Rather than write out a huge long descriptive text answer we show rather than tell.”

Outreach Workflow, Teams, & Productivity

CloudApp GIF  recording of the interface screen

Customer Success: “In addition to showing customers how to use our product with CloudApp while they're getting signed up and situated, we also leverage Outreach for churn initiatives and customer management. We use outreach in order to basically list out the folks that we consider likely to churn under our criteria, then we put them in a list, and use Outreach to help us be more intelligent about how we get in touch, in a more personal way.”

Solution Consultants. “Solutions Consultants are constantly doing demos and being asked questions like Wait, can you show me what you just did? Can you show me how to do that in Outreach again? Our team will take a quick gif of a demo, send over the URL link which can then easily be shared to a customer team over email or embedded in Slack. Videos show you how simple it is to use and it really helps start the engine to get a customer going.”

QA/Development: “Whenever our teams come across a bug, or something that just doesn’t seem to be working quite right we use CloudApp to send a gif or video with an issue with a link to how to reproduce rather than writing out all the steps. Our dev team loves to see the full visual process of bug reproduction, and in many cases they even ask us to open the console in Google Chrome so they can see all of the errors”

Outreach’s productivity stack

Tools used at OutreachZendeskSkitchGithubGoogle Chrome,OutreachSlack for messaging, Gmail for external/internal comms, Zoom, Microsoft Office, and Cloudapp.

Andrew’s Other Stack: Travel, Beach Chairs, Serious SPF & Some Fancy Dancer

Andrew (left) in front of Pikes Place Market, Seattle

How’d you get into the Industry
: I grew up in SoCAl, but moved to Seattle for school, studied electrical engineering, worked for awhile at Chef in a sales role, and built a startup in Chile that helped offer solar installations in impoverished areas. I’m excited by things that are challenging and that make me feel like I’m growing and changing. After building the solar installation startup for a year, the Chilean Government got interested in the project, and I ended up taking my concept from Chile to Kenya, Africa. Just like anything else, whenever you try to help

Music You Love: Our teams are listening to a bunch of different playlists, here’s one of our favorites. We also started a slack channel where people can join and submit their music as well. You can check it out

Moonwalking with Einstein

Favorite book: “Moonwalking with Einstein

”. It’s an amazing story about a reporter who saw the world memory championships and saw memory masters read a poem in real time and memorize it in a matter of minutes. He takes a journey through this culture of memorization, learns something that he thought would be impossible, and realizes that you don’t have to be brilliant and that anyone can learn this.

Favorite Film: Searching for Sugar Man”. It’s an incredible and unusual story about a struggling musician in the US who went from a nobody in the US to becoming more popular than Elvis and the Beatles in South Africa, all from a bootleg copy of his music that somehow made its way across continents.

What’s the future of customer success & customer support look like?These days it’s so easy for people to spin up competing products on the web. AWS lets you launch an app in almost no time with such little overhead. The winner in any industry is going to be determined by the one that provides the best experience. Give them the best experience from pilot to signing to on-boarding and you’ve got a customer for life. Making them successful is the most challenging.

Andrew in Cuba, a few years ago.

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