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Interview with Phil Miller, Director Web Engineering for Breather

Workspace matters, especially how you feel about it, how it’s designed, and most of all having access to it when you need to show up in a BIG way.

That’s where Breather comes in. Designed to spark creativity, enhance productivity and of course impress clients, Breather makes it possible to reserve the perfect workspace when you need it - without having to pay for it when you don’t. The perfect space solution for the lean, mean startup.

We sat down with Phil Miller, Director Web Engineering for Breather, to go behind the scenes and really understand why working with Breather will revolutionize the way we think about meeting space and how it enhances productivity.

Check out what he has to say about the intersection between design, technology, and real estate.

Q - How did you get into this industry?

Phil - I’ve been in the technical world since high school. After a couple startups and a couple corporate gigs, I felt the pull back to the startup world. Breather is my first foray into the “Real Estate Tech” world.

Q - How much is your work focused on user experience and content?

Phil - Being a brand focused company that deals in physical space, user experience is at the very core of what we do. This starts as soon as a user interacts with an ad or our digital products and follows them along the entire journey of search, booking, inviting their peers, physically entering the space, and the various touch-points along the way.

We have an incredibly talented content team who is constantly finding the most interesting stories both internally and from our customers.

Q - What prompted the idea to start Breather? What excited you about it?

Phil - Julien, our CEO, often found himself on the road as a professional speaker and subsequently living out of coffee shops and hotel rooms. The seed of what became Breather was a way to find a quiet productive space of his own, no matter where work took him.

What excited me was being part of something really fresh with a multidisciplinary focus on not only technology but design and real estate.

Q- What are the workflows at Breather where you see teams using CloudApp?

Phil - I see CloudApp used all over the place:

If a workflow benefits from screenshots/gif/video then chances are you’ll see CloudApp.

Q - What is the tech used at Breather?

Phil - I could write a series of articles about just that ;)

We’re heavy users of the GSuite, Slack, Atlassian Suite, Github, Sketch/Zeplin, Zendesk (and friends) and of course CloudApp.

Q - What does the future of product look like?

Phil - The future is for us to continue differentiating ourselves from other more ‘traditional’ companies with whom we share parts of the market. Where they offer space, we will continue to offer productivity, fantastic end to end customer experience, and peerless design. From a technical perspective, we continue to remove friction and increase moments of delight in all of the expected (and unexpected!) places.

Q - What are the top 5 songs in your Spotify/music queue right now?

Phil - I’m really all about the albums personally, the latest additions to Google Play for me are:

Volur - Ancestors (awesome folk doom from my friends in Toronto)
The Big Moon - Love in the 4th Dimension (really great pop from London)
Daniel Romano - Modern Pressure (indie folk/rock/country/etc)
El Michaels Affair - Return to the 37th Chamber (wu tang inspired jazz)
Above This Fire - Above This Fire (metal core)

My tastes are a bit eclectic.  

Q - What’s your favorite book? And your favorite film?

Phil - The answer to both of those is Jurassic Park.

Q - Links to a favorite project you’ve worked on that most people may not know about?

Phil - My old band’s first album

Q - As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Have you fulfilled your hopes?

Phil - It was probably a paleontologist or something in that vein.

At the rate this industry moves I’m already starting to feel a bit like a dinosaur ;)

Want to know more about how Breather can work with you to find the right work space? Make sure to check out their site, show them some love and get the perfect meeting space for perfect productivity.

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