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CloudApp in Real Life How “Today’s Business” Saves Time and Boosts Professionalism

CloudApp in Real Life: How “Today’s Business” Saves Time and Boosts Professionalism

CloudApp is the visual communication tool of choice for a wide range of businesses.

Professionals at industry-leading companies like Uber, Salesforce, and Adobe, as well as those at smaller operations like Today’s Business (TB), use the CloudApp platform to streamline planning processes, better connect with customers, and increase revenue.

We recently had the chance to sit down with Joe Sanfilippo, TB’s Manager of Growth and Partnerships, and talk about his team’s experience with CloudApp.


Which Teams at Today’s Business Use CloudApp?

The first thing we wanted to know was, who actually uses CloudApp at Today’s Business? According to Joe, the answer is, well, just about everybody.

Joe says, “All departments at Today’s Business use CloudApp. This includes our SEO, Paid Media, Affiliate Marketing, Website Development, Creative Design, Admin / HR, Influencer Marketing, Email / SMS, and Social Media teams.”

TB uses CloudApp to cut back on meetings, reduce misunderstandings, and increase efficiency. Let’s talk more about that…


How Does CloudApp Improve Workflows For Today’s Business?

One of the best things about CloudApp is its versatility. Professionals in an array of industries use CloudApp to accomplish a variety of different tasks. So we were curious to learn how Joe and the rest of the Today’s Business team put CloudApp to work to improve their workflows.

“I would say the biggest workflows CloudApp improves would be training, client communications, sales / PR outreach, and internal communication for creative design.”

It’s WAY easier to onboard new employees, and/or train current ones, when you can show them videos, rather than asking them to read a complex manual. With CloudApp, TB staff is able to capture their screens to illustrate processes, create product demos, and more.

Client communication is easier with CloudApp, too. Instead of sending long-winded emails, for example, Joe and his team send videos, GIFs, and annotated screenshots that clearly showcase the edits they’ve made and the next steps they plan to take.

The benefits of client communication extend to internal dialogue as well. With CloudApp, TB employees are able to share ideas with each other faster and more effectively. This is because of CloudApp’s visual nature, which cuts back on misunderstandings.


What Challenges Does CloudApp Solve For Today’s Business?

Today’s Business is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in New Jersey. As such, they’re always looking for new ways to boost team efficiency and better serve clients.

CloudApp’s screen and webcam recording features are crucial to completing these missions!

“If we are designing a website,” Joe says, “it is much easier for our website development or SEO team to walk through edits to a web design via a quick CloudApp video vs. scheduling another meeting or trying to type up a detailed response.”

In other words, CloudApp helps TB reduce impromptu meetings that kill productivity, while minimizing misunderstandings between team members. But that’s not all.

“We also use CloudApp for onboarding. It’s a lot easier to walk our team through sales notes via a quick video vs. typing up a super detailed summary that our team may not have the time to read through properly.

“It’s also great for the sales process, showing off issues that a prospective client might be experiencing and explaining how we can resolve those issues—plus describe the possible benefits of fixing the issue at hand.”


How Has Today’s Business Benefited From Using CloudApp?

At the end of the day, results are the only thing that matter. So we had to ask Joe about what his team has achieved with CloudApp.

“The biggest benefits are efficiency and time savings. Reducing the back and forth of comments in our project management system saves SO much time. By using CloudApp it typically allows our team to get things right after one round of edits vs. 3-4. Better efficiency here equals less hours spent on projects and more profitability for us.”

Joe continues, “Using CloudApp really makes us look more professional, too, and helps our clients understand what we do better, which helps create a better client experience and better client retention.”


About Today’s Business

Today’s Business is one of New Jersey’s premier digital and affiliate marketing agencies. TB’s team of talented professionals is unafraid to do the hard work required for their clients to succeed. It’s this dedication to excellence that has helped them grow so rapidly.

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