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How to Get Started With CloudApp

How to Get Started With CloudApp

Get the hang of CloudApp and higher productivity will be at your fingertips! This video shows you all you need to know to get started with CloudApp:

  • How to sign up for a CloudApp account
  • How to take a screenshot
  • How to annotate that screenshot
  • How to record your screen as a GIF, video, webcam recording, or webcam in video
  • The differences between GIF and video
  • All the ways you can share your content
  • How to personalize your account
  • How to secure your drops

Why Should You Take Screenshots with CloudApp?

Still rockin’ that command + shift + 4 move to take your snaps?

Isn’t it time to up your screen capture game into something much easier and a lot more efficient?

Luckily, that’s exactly what we at CloudApp are known for. Sure, we love when our customer’s use CloudApp to track content campaigns, create killer GIFs, and market their products, but when we get to the heart of what our customers love so much about us — it’s our easy, organized screenshot tool.

Think taking an image capture is just taking an image capture? Not so fast. Here are 7 reasons why CloudApp isn’t just an awesome screenshot app, but the fastest way to screenshot your way to a 300% more productive workday.

Say “Au revoir” Messy Desktop

Sick of your screenshot software dropping your snaps anywhere and everywhere on your desktop? Tired of having to search through countless screenshots simply to find the one you just took (and don’t even try to find the one you snapped last week)?

With CloudApp you’ll never have to worry about a messy desktop again.

Each screenshot you take is automatically saved in the cloud icon at the top right of your toolbar and saved in order from most recent to oldest. Just snap, a link is automatically copied in your clipboard. Paste it in your favorite tool (Slack, Gmail, JIRA) and it’s done. No need to open another window or look for your screenshot in different files.

Your desktop stays out of the crossfire the entire time and you save 10 seconds per screenshot

Annotate a Screenshot in Seconds

Skip the lengthy emails (or even the meeting all together).

With CloudApp it’s easy to annotate screen captures in 2–3 seconds flat. Annotating screenshots allows you to circle, draw arrows, shapes or simply write what you need the recipient to see and understand quickly. You can also blur any sensitive information within the blink of an eye.

Annotating screenshots is next-level productivity and one of the fastest ways to put image captures to work in a supercharged way.

Drag & Drop

Ask anyone how to take a screenshot and they’ll give you some basic answer that leaves you with a screenshot that doesn’t easily drag and drop into other communication platforms.

What’s the point of improving communication and productivity amongst your team, if your screenshot can’t even drop into Gmail with ease — and that’s if you can find where it saved on your computer.

With a simple click in the cloud, just drag your last screenshot and drop it straight into the communication platform of your choice.

With Slack, it’s even easier. Paste the link that has been automatically copied in your clipboard into Slack. The screenshot you just took will automatically appear.

Snapped and shared is as easy as drag and drop.

Custom Link

Each screenshot snapped is automatically saved to the clipboard in the cloud icon with it’s own personalized link, which makes emailing screenshots a cinch. No more annoying attachments, messy emails, or screenshots that were “truncated due to size.”

Password Protected (will self-destruct)

That link we mentioned above isn’t just for emailing convenience. Not every screen capture is meant for every team member (been there done that) and sensitive information can easily get into the wrong hands.

Each custom link can be set to specific privacy settings so only the people who should see the screenshot actually do. Don’t want that sensitive information floating around for too long? No sweat. Simply decide when the link is set to expire. It can be set to expire based on the number of opens, the date, or how many days have passed.

It’s never been easier to safely share private information via screenshot.

‍Delay a Screenshot

Easily take a delayed screenshot for those hard-to-capture screen moments without any set up.

Unlike other screenshot apps, where there’s a multi-step process to taking the perfect, delayed screenshot — with CloudApp it’s simply one step.

Just click on the cloud icon, scroll over to the three dots and select “take delayed screenshot.” Click and drag the cursor to the area of the screen you want to snap and let CloudApp do the rest!

We’d love your feedback

Want to get your hands on the best free screenshot app? Start increasing your productivity, quality of screen captures and keep that desktop clutter-free by checking out CloudApp here.

As always, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and follow @cloudapp news on Twitter.

Benefits of Using CloudApp for Screen Recording

  1. No More Messy Desktop
  2. Annotate a Screenshot in Seconds
  3. Drag & Drop Screenshots Easily
  4. Custom Link Automatically Generated for Simple Sharing
  5. Password Protected Links
  6. Delay a Screenshot Easily