How to Build Resilience & Boost Sales featuring Natalie Durot, G2

Olivia Clyde

Success as a sales rep is directly connected to your mindset. How you feel about work, your customers, and setbacks will impact your sales goals.

Recently the CloudApp team met with Natalie Durot, Senior Enterprise Business Development Representative (BDR) at G2 . Natalie stopped by the office to share ideas on how to boost sales. We learned a lot from her. In this article, I recap Natalie’s suggestions on how to build resilience, develop customer relationships, change your mindset, and increase productivity.

Natalie Durot
Sr. Enterprise BDR Team Lead G2

Love Your Customer

Love is not a concept many consider when interacting with customers. Yet in the book “The Greatest Salesman in the World,” love is the first requirement to become a successful salesman. When I say “love your customer", I don’t mean it in a touchy-feely way, of course. What I mean is be genuine, appreciate your customer, and pay attention to their needs.  

Be a Friend, Not a Salesperson

Business leaders like Tony Robbins urge you to “fall in love with your client.” If you tell yourself “I love my customer, “ you’ll see them differently and the relationship will improve.

Most people know that sales reps have an agenda. But the customer’s needs are more important than your goals. Prove it by listening! Ask questions and remember details. Give feedback, engage in conversation, and process what they tell you. Validate them with desire to help. They will hear what you have to say. Now you can begin to bring them closer to your product or service.

Customize Client Material

BDR Natalie Durot from G2 says that sales gives you plenty of opportunity to help your customer feel good. She uses any customer touchpoint as a chance to make someone smile, laugh, or show she cares. Natalie says “I love to customize client material with visuals and images.” When a customer sees a personalized GIF or image that Natalie creates, their typical reaction is “you took time out of your day to try to make this relevant to me.”  

Make your client feel special. Personalize a regular humdrum email with a hand-selected or homemade GIF.  

Research Your Customers

Savvy Sales Reps should flex their research muscles frequently. Go beyond the bare minimum information. Natalie Durot will Google clients to learn details about them, which helps her tactfully customize email subject lines for them. You can research the following areas:

Demographics: Try to learn things like ethnicity, gender, career background

Customer’s company: What is their product or service, how is company culture? What is the latest in company news? 

Company Landscape: Research the industry of their business. Who are their competitors and what are they up to? From that, figure out some of the fears of your customer.

Motivate Yourself Through “Failure”  

Fall In Love With Your Work

Natalie loves to chase the “yes” in sales. Rejection isn’t easy, so she uses it to fuel her towards her goals. To counter the hard times, she stores small wins in her “happy bucket,” or folder on her computer where she records high points in her work. Examples of stories she includes might be anything from converting a tough lead to finally closing a deal.

Celebrate When You Achieve Success

Team appreciation can be great incentive to achieve more together. Natalie says that her team held a competition with a leaderboard where team members were notified when a coworker had success. At CloudApp, we have a Slack thread dedicated to updates for when employees accomplish notable goals or want to post about wins that the team will appreciate.

Set Goals to Stay on Track

There’s nothing like healthy competition to perform better, even if you’re competing against your former self. Tracking goals and identifying where you fall short is a great way to identify leaks or issues with your sales pipeline. Set goals in the following areas:

• Daily/weekly number of calls

• Response time for follow-up emails

• Clients contacted

• Leads upgraded   

• Calls scheduled

• Deals won

Record Your Progress

Goals and reporting go together like PB and J. A quote on reporting says that “when performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.” Ensure that you and your team are consistently reporting to get better together.  

To inspire your goal setting, Natalie recommends pinning down a consistent block of time weekly to wrack up as many calls as possible. Her team will hit the phones for two hours at their desks. One time they held a competition where team members competed against each other. They won points for amount of meetings booked and received bonus points if they exceeded their set number goals. Dashboards were used to update points, and by competition’s end their monthly numbers were up across the board!

Each Day Is a Chance to Start Over

The road to success passes through failure. A sales rep who can cling to his vision in spite of setbacks is on track for many more wins through occasional failures. Remember that each day you have a “chance to start again.”

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