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How Much Time Could CloudApp Save You?

Jeannie Walters notes we can no longer think of the digital customer journey as separate from the larger customer journey as a whole. In the past, customers typically valued their money over their time. They were happy to spend hours or even days looking for a good deal, all to save a few bucks. However, consumers are now valuing their time more than ever. Today’s customers are time-sensitive, and their expectations are constantly changing.

Time is becoming an essential commodity to consumers. Customer success software reduces how long customers spend doing business. Also, you create specific products and services that free up consumers’ time, which will eventually lead to a more loyal and sustained client base. 

CloudApp Saves You Time

The definition of any successful company is a productive workforce that’s engaged throughout the day. However, accomplishing this goal isn’t easy with the many distractions modern employees have: instant messages, email, social media, and online communities. Besides, even work-related activities can hinder an employee’s productivity if they’re overly time-sensitive and mismanaged. Time spent writing step-by-step, detailed troubleshooting instructions in an email, for example, might be part of an employee’s job description, but that doesn’t mean that’s the best use of their time.

CloudApp, a customer success software trusted by millions of people, can save your employees from writing long emails while helping them get projects done quickly. Its innovative visual communication features, including the GIF maker, live HD screen recorder, and the easy-to-use snipping tool, will improve your productivity while employing swift communication methods that are common in the modern world.

Cut Back on Meetings

With CloudApp, you need not go through the hassle of scheduling meetings. Instead, it helps you get your point swiftly by recording quick videos on your screen and sending them right away to your employees and teammates. You can choose to record your computer screen with the audio or even include a recording of your webcam simultaneously. 

All this helps you and your team free up more time that you can use to focus on the needs and goals of your customers. In addition, focusing on what your customers need can help you offer products and services that meet their expectations; this can help you improve customer loyalty and ultimately improve your customer retention rate.

Get Your Point Across In Real-Time

Using CloudApp’s image annotation feature, you can record and share screenshots of anything on your screen, edit and markup them with annotations, and add emojis directly on your screenshots. And if you want to improve your screenshots, you can add a quick drawing and use lines, arrows, and circles to emphasize critical details and blur private information. As a result, CloudApp offers the fastest way to snip, annotate and share feedback in real-time with your employees, teammates, and customers.

Create Tutorials and Support Materials Quickly and Easily

It’s essential to create quality content for your customers, especially if they’re struggling to solve an issue or are confused about how your product works. With CloudApp, creating helpful content is easy.

You can record and share the captured tutorials instantly. With a couple of keyboard strokes, you can start recording your screen. And at the click of a button, you can start recording an HD video or a GIF. Also, you can personalize HD video recordings by adding your audio or webcam so that you can be there to guide your customers through their problems personally. 

Once you’re finished, CloudApp will upload the tutorial for you and copy an embeddable link to your clipboard so you can swiftly paste it anywhere—customer support ticket, email, or support materials. CloudApp makes it easier and swift to create customer support material because it shouldn’t be a hassle to help your customers.

Easy Integration with Other Customer Support Tools

You can use CloudApp together with your favorite customer success tools to keep your customers happy and reduce your churn rates.

CloudApp integrates seamlessly with Help Scout, Jira, Zendesk, Slack, and Freshdesk. All of CloudApp’s innovative tools are stored in the native app, meaning you won’t waste time opening different apps or tabs or searching through your files on the desktop. In addition, everything is stored safely in the cloud, which means you can easily share your work with your teammates and employees wherever they are. It helps you save time and focus more on delivering an exceptional customer experience to delight your customers and keep them coming back.

Improve Customer Support Response Time by Sharing Visual Explanations

Since visual content is easier to understand than text, customers can receive answers to their queries quicker than ever. CloudApp’s visuals answer follow-up questions, reduce miscommunication, and improve satisfaction. Also, since CloudApp copies embeddable links automatically to your clipboard, sharing tutorials and support materials is easier and faster. Also, you can embed tutorials and other support materials into emails, making it even easier for customers to see answers to their questions. Easy sharing and prompt content creation mean you can close customer success tickets quickly, improve customer loyalty, and reduce churn rates.

Capture Everything Quickly With CloudApp’s Snipping Tool

CloudApp offers much more than any free snipping tool. With every snip, CloudApp can help you create a personalized, secure link that’s easy to edit and share. Also, it means confidential information will no longer get into the wrong hands. Just use CloudApp to snip, copy links and embed them into emails—or any other customer support platform you use. If you want to add passwords, you just need to select the correct setting before you paste your links. Once you download the app, all your snips will be saved automatically to your desktop and web applications. Thus, everything you want to “snip” will be right at your fingertips. You no longer need to close windows or open a new screen. You just need to point, click and snip.

Explain Product Features Faster with CloudApp’s GIFs

Also, CloudApp features an easy-to-use GIF maker feature. Using this feature, you can create GIFs of anything on your computer screen, record and share GIF recordings, and save images instantly on the cloud. In addition, the GIF maker feature can help your sales and customer support teams explain swiftly how your products work with easy to create GIFs, improving sales conversions and reducing customer support times.

Using Saved Time

As you can see, CloudApp can help you save time in many ways. For example, you can use the saved time to understand your marketplace and define clear KPIs. 

Don’t underestimate the value of performing detailed, careful market research. You require factual data on your target audience, the existing competitors, expected growth and demand, and market trends. These kinds of insights are valuable and help you make educated business decisions and goals.

Also, you must be clear on the four Ps: product, promotion, price, and place. These can guide your market research, customer personas, and marketing plans and act as a brilliant starting point if you’re unsure where to start.

The four Ps of the marketing mix are constantly changing, and you may need to explore the eight Ps that reflect modern marketing accurately. This includes the product, promotion, people, price, physical evidence, process, place, and performance. 

CloudApp is a Powerful Software for Anyone Looking to Save Time

CloudApp is a real-time image and video sharing software for business professionals. It offers the fastest way to record and embed videos, GIFs, marked-up images, webcam recordings, screencasts throughout business workflows, such as design, software development, customer success, customer support, sales, and marketing.

With CloudApp, your employees and teammates can save time by explaining tasks visually. You can save hours a day by simplifying how you explain complex concepts. With videos, HD screen recordings, and GIFs, your customer success and support team can promptly respond to customer queries by embedding visual content directly into collaboration tools, productivity apps, emails, and even shared docs.
For instance, the engineering team at Cloud Elements saves at least 50 minutes every day using CloudApp. The team does this by eliminating long back-and-forth conversations. In addition, by promptly capturing behaviors on their screens using CloudApp, the Cloud Elements team has reported bugs, troubleshooting quickly.

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