How Gainsight Uses CloudApp to Improve Communication In Their Customer Success Platform

Olivia Clyde

Watch the video below to learn how Gainsight's premiere support manager Steve Davis speeds up the customer support process.


Few can do it like Gainsight’s Steve Davis can. As one with a to-do list that doesn’t show signs of letting up anytime soon, Steve understands the value of finding tools that simplify the support process for customer support representatives everywhere.

Gainsight is a customer success company whose product assesses the health of the customer environment to produce better results. The software identifies key moments that might be potential opportunities for upselling, all with customer data.

Steve says that CloudApp’s video feature is the best medium for delivering signature messages to customers in the fastest way. “CloudApp shortens interactions that typically require at least two or three replies down to one easy GIF or video,” Steve says, giving his support reps the freedom to cover more ground.

Video personalization ultimately strengthens the relationship that Gainsight has with its customers, since people jump at the chance to watch a quick webcam recording of a real person explaining something. Videos are easily shared, and can be paused or replayed by customers or support reps at any time.

When a customer’s situation is ripe for upsell, using software that is informative and proactive is paramount to accelerating growth and reducing churn. With CloudApp, Gainsight can create more opportunity to elevate customer status for its clients.

To have more information on how CloudApp can help Customer Support, please visit our CloudApp for Customer Support page.

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