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A cloudapp logo eating a taco.

Going crazy with the monotony of working from home (WFH)? I’m here to help you out with a deep dive into one of my absolute favorite elements of the CloudApp product:

GIF creation.

The beautiful thing about CloudApp is that GIFs are not only a crucial element of our product, but also a crucial element of our team culture. Even our slack channel is rife with GIFs – not only in the posts but even as the emoji responses! (You can learn how to do this in our How to Use the Internet post here.)

Here are a few examples:

Slack GIF reactions
Slack GIF reactions example
Slack GIF reactions example

Once you learn how to create GIFs on the fly, you’ll see not only increased workspace effectiveness but general increase in daily life joy.

Let me explain.

What is a GIF?

The term “GIF,” a term commonly used in reference to animated images is actually a misnomer for the file format itself (“Graphics Interchange Format”). However, given that GIF is a part of popular vernacular, we’ll glide past this technicality and jump into the meat and bones of this. But simply put, a GIF is a series of images saved as one file. A GIF file.

Why are GIFs so powerful?

Relay information

With a GIF in tow, you can do more than simply transport an experience – you can demonstrate it over and over again. (Shameless plug: I really like that CloudApp’s GIF recording software has a default of illustrating click actions, thus making the illustrative nature of the feature even more powerful! I use this feature all. the. time.)

I have used CloudApp’s GIF recording to relay information in every single release we’ve managed since I came on board. Here’s an example of when I did so with our CTA Button release.

How does a moment last forever Beauty and the Beast GIF

Capture a moment

Whether fictional or historical, GIFs transport the viewer to an experience. I love to use GIFs to capture moments of anything from my favorite shows to FaceTime calls with my close friends – just taking a moment to catch a moment so it lasts forever.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy GIF

A paragon of ease

GIFs are easy peasy lemon squeezy because, once implemented, they require zero effort. The image is alive on the screen, thus decreasing any action-related churn. Without clicking play or pressing any button, a viewer can intake the provided information just by having it appear on their screen.

Aladdin Phenomenal cosmic powers! Itty bitty living space GIF

“Phenomenal cosmic power…. Itty bitty living space”

A GIF is a relatively small file (as compared to any movie or other multi-image file), and so this little guy packs a punch. This means you can incorporate all of that phenomenal cosmic power, emotion, and information while introducing little additional loading or waiting time.

How do I make the most of CloudApp’s GIF-creating tool?

  • Upload your favorite online GIFs to your CloudApp account for free access!
  • Create your own custom GIFs with CloudApp’s GIF recording software.
  • Up your meme game with GIF annotations (or annotate your content for increased efficiency)!

Make your GIFs actionable with some KILLER call-to-action buttons. Learn how to do that here (or learn more about call-to-action buttons here).