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From School To The Real World. Why I Chose To Join CloudApp

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be joining CloudApp as a Marketing Intern in Lehi, Utah. I’ll be working with the marketing team to drive how audiences will discover and engage with CloudApp.

CloudApp is an amazing platform that is changing the way we communicate. As work and teams become more geographically dispersed I believe that CloudApp is going to, and already has, become an integral part of team communication. As someone who grew up with platforms like Instagram and Snapchat where video is so powerful, I found the concept so compelling that I jumped at the chance to join the team and help spread the word.

I recently graduated from Utah State University with a B.S. in Marketing and Business Administration. I loved being at Utah State and I had the opportunity to serve on the leadership team of the Huntsman Marketing Association, which helps marketing students develop the skills they need to transition from the classroom to their careers.

Originally, I’m from Austin, Texas and I love going back to visit, even though I gain a few pounds every time I do. I am an avid skier and golfer and I’ve played ice hockey since I was four years old. I’m stoked to be so close to all of the amazing skiing Salt Lake has to offer!

I have a habit of always looking for innovative products and platforms and then sharing them with anyone who will listen and CloudApp is a platform that I’d naturally be telling everyone about. Video messaging is going to become a larger and larger part of the way we communicate and get work done and I am excited to have the opportunity to help lead the charge at CloudApp!

Upon graduation, I was looking at a few different options. I eventually decided on joining CloudApp for several reasons. First, I have always wanted to be a part of a fast-growing startup. CloudApp already has accomplished so much and its future is incredibly bright. I believe that CloudApp is going to change the game in terms of the future of work the opportunity to be a part of that was something I couldn’t pass up. Next, I wanted the opportunity to learn from the best. VP of Marketing Joe Martin is a brilliant digital marketer and someone whom I admire greatly. I’ve been following Joe ever since I met him at a company visit in Adobe and the chance to work for him and learn from him will be invaluable as I start my career. Lastly, I saw that I could really make an impact at CloudApp. I knew that because CloudApp is growing I would be accountable for my work. Rather than scare me, I saw this heightened accountability as an opportunity to do real work and make a difference within the company.

I am incredibly excited about what the future holds and look forward to the coming months at CloudApp! Join me in my journey and give CloudApp a try here.