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CloudApp 6.1 for Mac

We’re excited to share with you CloudApp 6.1 for Mac. This newest update includes increased performance, user experience, and four new features: automated drop naming, enhanced zooming, multi-monitor support, and 4k video quality option.

CloudApp Drop Icon

Automated Drop Naming. Now, when you capture a screenshot, the context of the app or screen will be added to the drop title. For instance, if you were working on a Google Doc titled ‘Manhattan Project,’ your drop name would replace ‘Screenshot’ with ‘Manhattan Project- Google Docs.’

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Enhanced Annotations. We’ve relocated the zoom buttons to uninhibit content visibility. Additionally, if you create an arrow and start typing, a text box with your words will automatically be included.

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Multi-Monitor Support. While CloudApp has always been compatible with multiple monitor drops, we’ve made the option even easier for you with a selection box for any video capture.

Webcam icon

Up to 4k Video Quality. Up your recording game with CloudApp’s max quality recording option. You can adapt your quality settings under Video Preferences in Recording preferences. This 4k quality standard is a premium feature.

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Easy Access with Automated Drop Naming

A screen-capture GIF of the Screenshot drop naming option being enabled GIF

This new feature – Automated Drop Naming enhances your navigation experience as it automatically includes keywords in your drop names from the apps, windows, or context you’ve captured. Now, in addition to the default time and date, you can turn on this function to also include the application and application details into that name, as illustrated below.

A screenshot highlights the drop being named after an open Chrome page.

You can enable this new feature in your CloudApp Preferences. Access your preferences by clicking the gear in the top right corner of your menu bar.

The Preferences menu for Mac is shown with the highlighted “Screenshot drop naming” section.

The automated drop naming feature is especially useful when compounded with CloudApp Collections, a feature with which you can organize your drops. Now, you can quickly find and access the drops from your browser, desktop, or iOS.

Take Note with Enhanced Annotations

Release 6.1’s new enhancements feature both automated text boxes and an updated zoom button. In this update, whenever you use the arrow annotation, a text box will automatically populate once you start typing. These automated text boxes will reduce the number of your necessary clicks, giving you an even smoother annotating experience!

A GIF of a user annotating with an arrow and immediately typing.

With our updated zoom feature, you can zoom out to 50%, zoom in to 200%, or zoom to fit screen all at the click of a button! With this adapted visibility, you can view your drop with neither the disruption of the toggle function nor the frustration of finding exactly the right sizing – allowing you to adapt sizing without any obscuring of your user interface.

A close-up screenshot of the zoom button in the top right of a drop screen.

Multi-Task with Multi-Monitor Support

You’ve got a lot going on, and we get that. We’ve introduced this multi-monitor functionality in order to improve your screen-recording experience. While the previous default for screen-recording was simply the screen on which you last clicked, we’ve adapted the “start recording” screen to include an option to manually choose from your available monitors. With this functionality, you can initiate a recording for any screen, any time.

A screenshot of the screen recording preferences popup uses an arrow to highlight the new monitor selection pane.

Record Stunning – and Instantly Shareable – 4k HD Videos

More recording quality options mean you can change your recording quality to 720p, 1080p, or up to 4k to match your content needs! (Note: The “Max (4k)” and High (1080p) quality settings are premium-only features. Enable this feature by signing up for premium today.)

To activate this feature, simply navigate to your CloudApp Recording Preferences, then toggle to select your preferred recording quality setting.

A GIF of the CloudApp Preferences menu shows a user toggling the recording quality option.

Tune in Next Time…

Next update will have some fun video-related features. You can also find our public roadmap and offer suggestions here on our public Trello board.