Engage your customers with CloudApp's new Intercom integration

Answering questions in just one reply is the goal of any customer support or sales rep, but it can often be an impossible task. That's where video and GIFs come in.

GIFs can be a powerful, short form of communication that's shareable in almost any medium. Slack, the workplace collaboration start-up, says it counts more than two million GIF integrations each month. And for good reason. They're an incredibly fast and simple way to express an emotion, a thought, or an idea -- all done with a simple automatically playing video. It's been said that an image is worth a thousand words, but a GIF...billions?

Visuals are the future of the way we communicate, and 2016/2017 has only shown that video is the future's way of communicating. By the time 2016 rolled around, Facebook was reporting an average of 8 billion video views per day. But what about the workplace? Shouldn't we be communicating with video in our cubicles, just as much as we are on our mobiles in Snapchat and Instagram?

CloudApp, the fastest way to capture and share a video or GIF with a customer, has partnered with Intercom to make it easier to speak in the voice of today's millennial consumer. With our latest integration, you can now engage and respond to questions right from a shared video.

To get started engaging with your customers through personalized videos all you need to do is add the Intercom javascript snippet into our 'Custom JS' section of your team's customize page. Then, Intercom chat will immediately become available to any shared link you create (or target)

Read more from our help center for the details or you can sign up for a free CloudApp team account here to get going!

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